© Danysz / André Saraiva – Untitled (2018)

Having more or less a similar background and artistic drive, it’s actually odd a collab between Futura and Mr. A didn’t occur sooner. The graffiti legacy of Lenny McGurr (1955) and André Saraiva (1971) has made both of them revered fixtures of the global urban art scene. Each has a signature style that’s distinctive yet comes from a common culture, and effortlessly connects with their audience. The two have joined forces for a unique collab show at Danysz gallery in Paris where they show off what they do best. Aptly entitled André x Futura – Chez Nous, the show presents a series of unseen works where they answer each other and merge their painterly gestures. Futura’s otherworldly characters, such as the Pointman, echo Saraiva’s Mr A. whimsical dancing figures, as if their pictorial alter ego were enjoying themselves as much as both artists did in this adventure (on through Feb 9). Location: Danysz, 78 rue Amelot (Marais).

© Danysz / Futura – Drop Zone  (2018) and André x Futura – Futura x André at Night 3 (2018)