Superfuture now offer paid advertorial options. With this pathway we can collaborate with you to optimize the post content and also offer further additional post-promotion and paid-partnerships via social media. All paid promotions and paid-partnerships will be clearly indicated as such to comply with regulations.

Superfuture accepts paid advertorial advertising from clients we believe will be a good match to our audience. We generally only publish advertorials if they are promoting establishment openings, events, new products or new brands.

Please check our 2024 Press Kit and 2024 Advertorial Kit. For our 2024 Media Kit and Advertising rates please send request to us via Contact page with your company details, specific requirements and budget.

Advertorial Format

– A dedicated Supernews post.

– This can be in either:

— ‘Editorial format’

— ‘Interview format’ [Allowing a more in-depth exposure. Interviews are usually conducted with Designer or Managers] For example:

– This post also appears featured on the Home page of Superfuture in post order.

– Our Editors would work with you to determine the content is to your approval.

– Post would remain live on site for a minimum of 12 months.

– Superfuture reserves right to include small print byline ’Promoted Content’ ‘Paid Promotion’ ‘Paid Partnership’ or similar wording to comply with advertising regulations.

Social Post

– Superfuture can facilitate further post promotion on Meta Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest as paid-partnership posts. Superfuture has a combined organic social media audience of 50,000 on these 3 platforms.

– Superfuture would work with you to target to a specified demographic.

– We can adjust your spend budget for added exposure.

– Please supply all #hashtags and @links



Advertorial Fee

– Please provide a brief and we can make a proposal.

– Minimum fee is USD 1500

– 10% of fees are allocated for social media boost. i.e USD150. [Includes 3 post design variations]

– Advertorial Fee includes Editorial / Client correspondence / Technical setup / Social Post setup.


– Superfuture to invoice on booking promotion.

– Payment due prior to publishing dates.

Note: Our Facebook page currently unavailable.


For Advertising and Sponsorship enquiries on supertalk messageboards please visit Here

Please contact us for all other advertising and promotional enquiries.

For our 2024 Media Kit please send request to us via contact page with your specific requirements and budget.