superfuture accepts paid advertorial advertising from clients we believe will be a good match to our audience. We generally only publish advertorials if they are promoting Store openings and other retail events, New Products or New Brands.

Advertorial Format

– A dedicated Supernews post.

– This can be in either:

— ‘Editorial format’

— ‘Interview format’ [Allowing a more in-depth exposure. Interviews are usually conducted with Designer or Managers] For example:

– This post also appears featured on the home page of superfuture in post order.

– Our Editors would work with you to determine the content is to your approval.

– Post would remain live on site for a minimum of 12 months.

– superfuture reserves rights to include small print byline ’Promoted Content’ or similar wording to comply with advertising regulations.

Social Post

– superfuture can facilitate further post promotion on Meta Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest as paid-partnership posts. superfuture has a combined organic social media audience of 45,000 on these 3 platforms.

– superfuture would work with you to target to a specified demographic.

– We can adjust your spend budget for added exposure.

– Please supply all #hashtags and @links



Advertorial Fee

– Please provide a brief and we can make a proposal.

– Minimum fee is USD 1500

– 10% of fees are allocated for social media boost. i.e USD150. [Includes 3 post design variations]

– Advertorial Fee includes Editorial / Client correspondence / Technical setup / Social Post setup.


– superfuture to invoice on booking promotion.

– Payment due prior to publishing dates.


For Advertising and Sponsorship enquiries on supertalk messageboards please visit Here

Please contact us for all other advertising and promotional enquiries.