© AIM Architecture / Photography: Zhu Runzi

Founded in 2005 by Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf, Shanghai-based design practice AIM Architecture has gone leaps and bounds managing a variety of projects across China, but also in South Korea, Thailand and the Netherlands. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the founding duo have initiated an exhibition which elaborates on their vision while providing an insight into their many endeavours in architecture, interior design, and furniture projects. The show, held on the third and fourth floors of a building in Shanghai‘s Huashan Lu neighbourhood, is entitled Project No. 0378. Quite aptly, given the state of the venue, the exhibition is inspired by buildings and their future—their ambiguity, ever-changing, always questioning. But here, it’s all about celebrating their power, blurring boundaries, their disruptiveness, and being instigators of social change. In other words, it’s seeing buildings as ever-evolving entities inextricably connected to the urban fabric. It’s exactly this attitude and mindset that has been adopted by AIM Architecture, and it’s put on display, captured by a series of mock-ups, drawings, photographs and designs, all presented in a specially designed scenography comprising a maze of sustainable coconut bricks and mirrored rooms. Mind you, the so-called Pixel tables, presented in a canteen setting, have been reproduced and can be snapped up on the spot (on through Mar 21).

Project No. 0378
55 Wu Kang Lu, Third + Fourth Floors (Huashan Lu)
200031 Shanghai
Tue-Sun 11am-10pm

© AIM Architecture / Photography: Zhu Runzi and Tian Fang Fang