© Studio Cadena / Photography: Naho Kubota

Among Bogotá‘s wide array of meeting spots, Masa ranks top of the list among discerning creative crowds. Founded in 2012 by chef Silvana Villegas and multimedia designer husband Julian Jaramillo, the bakery not only churns out a variety of delicacies, but also comes with a matching setting where to hang out and chill. In fact, being quite successful right from the start, Masa has grown into a mini chain, and has just opened its third location in the leafy Santa Bibiana neighbourhood of the Colombian capital. Following a collab four years ago, the husband-and-wife team once again tapped New York City-based architecture practice Studio Cardena, and has resulted in an architecturally striking venue.

Measuring 7,500 sq.ft. (697 sqm.) across a single floor, the structure comprises of different, interconnected volumes, accommodating respectively an entrance area, café and bakery, dining area, and a retail space. All around the building, a series of triangular cut-outs obviously lend the ridged façade a striking edge, but also allow in floods of daylight. Masa‘s interior design is clean and understated, and makes clever use of building’s concrete shell and voluminous spaces. But it isn’t all concrete as certain sections are covered in slatted wood and wooden panelling, and apart of a circular concrete service station and elongated bar, furnishings are crafted from timber.

Various traditional seating arrangements can be found, but also a multi­tiered seating platform with a built-in planter. And speaking of which, lush tropical plants can be seen throughout the premises, boosting the sense of relaxation. Inside one of the volumes hand­-painted metal mesh artfully hangs from the ceiling, and vie for attention in competition with large paper globes. As said, Masa is first and foremost a bakery, and as such its menu is brimming with a variety of homemade bread, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. Additionally, the on-site shop expands the merchandise with compatible goods such as coffee, chocolates and jams. Location: Masa, Calle 105 #18A-68 (Santa Bibiana).

© Studio Cadena / Photography: Ambiente Familiar + Naho Kubota