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Launched early last year, Atmos is a glossy biannual magazine focusing climate change, but one with extrapolations into art, design, and global culture. Unsurprisingly, Jake Sargent, the magazine’s founder, previously ran a fashion brand but realised that he wanted to do work that better aligned with his values. Atmos‘ new volume 03 is out now and offers a another compelling angle on its core topic. Entitled Flourish/Collapse, it sees nature as a delicate balance of expansion and collapse, flourish and famine, growth and decay—and never has this been more clear. Could human beings have permanently disrupted this cycle, throwing the wheel off its axis, or is our potential demise just another extinction event that will ultimately pave the way for the next species to thrive? Is it still possible for us to return to a point of flourishing without collapse? What would that future look like? These questions can be explored with the Extinction Rebellion, author Elizabeth L. Cline‘s essay Reaping and Sewing, in which she asks who in fashion is reaping the harvest and at what cost? Then there’s a piece on the brave women warriors of the mighty Amazon, while nine artists reconcile the beauty and bane of life in the era of ecological collapse, and more by heroes on the frontlines of nature conservation. Atmos volume 03 comes in four different covers and is exclusively available online. It’ll also be available at independent newsstands in the near future.

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