© Gestalten 2019 – The New Luxury

If luxury isn’t the luxury what it used to be, what is its current state and definition then? In the past decades streetwear has emerged as a dominant factor in the fashion industry, and along with this trend, icons once known for their street cred have firmly anchored themselves in fashion’s upper echelon. Needless to say, the luxury game has changed in a big, big way. Released this week by Berlin-based publishing house Gestalten is The New Luxury, a monograph on the aforementioned topic, seen from a streetwear angle by in-the-know Highsnobiety editors. The 320-page hardcopy publication aims to provide foundational knowledge for brands and consumers alike, elaborating on the changing face of the luxury market and its parameters today. This is the story of how culture and commodity intertwined to redefine consumer values in the 21st century. The New Luxury features a series of new interviews with industry leaders, including Dior menswear designer Kim Jones, Japanese style guru Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Tokyo-based jewellery designer Yoon Ahn, in addition to various case studies of the most important brands of the new luxury era, and last but not least, a preface by Alexandre Arnault, CEO of RIMOWA. The New Luxury is available at select stockists across the planet, including Hennessy + Ingalls (Los Angeles), Kinokuniya (NYC), Scheltema (Amsterdam), Exclusive Books (Cape Town), Asia Books (Bangkok) and Post (Tokyo), but can also simply be ordered online.

© Gestalten 2019 – The New Luxury / Photography: Jackie Nickerson/Dior, Bryan Luna and illustration by Cattytay (top to bottom)