© Juergen Teller – Binx, Accra, Ghana (2019)

Created in 1979 by fashion designer Agnès B. out of a simple yet cleverly tweaked sweatshirt with snap buttons, le cardigan pression or snap cardigan eventually became a staple in many a woman’s wardrobe to this very day. In celebration of the garment’s 40th anniversary, an exhibition entitled …Des photographes …des artistes et le cardigan pression has travelled across the globe, making a stopover in New York City until next month. The show, held at a location in Soho, echoes the first snap cardigan exhibition held in 1986 at agnès b.‘s affiliated exhibition space la galerie du jour in Paris as part of that year’s edition of Paris Photography Month. The French designer first had the idea for this exhibition when she saw people making the garment their own, adapting it to their personal style. It occurred to her that photographers are never given the same subject, and that they would each have their own vision of the garment. Given the designer’s strong ties with the global creative crowd, she has managed to rally a large number of leading photographers to capture the snap cardigan on film. More than 60 artists have participated, including David Lynch, Gaspard Noé, Rinko Kawauchi, Juergen Teller and Elisabeth Daynès (on through Mar 1).

Exhibition location:
195 Chrystie Street (Soho)
New York, NY 10002

© David Lynch – Cardigan #2 (2019) and Carly Steinbrunn – Sea creature (2019)