© Yu Designs / Photography: Guangbo Li

Disco is back! Well, at least in Chongqing. The mega city of 17 million inhabitants alongside the mighty Yangtze river is on the move, and frenetically expanding an infrastructure of happening lifestyle venues along the way. As in any of China‘s first-tier cities, there’s a sizeable demographic of movers and shakers that’s always ready for some fun and banter. The newly opened Dimond Lili – yes, the name could very well be unintentionally misspelled – is a funky restaurant that caters to this youthful consumer group with a 1980s disco vibe.

Situated at IF Mall, a large suburban shopping complex that officially opened only a month ago, it’s a noodle bar guised as a 1980s discotheque. The interior design, created by Hangzhou-based practice Yu Designs, sees a 140 sqm. (1,507 sq.ft.) ground floor unit with an almost entirely open façade, allowing passers-by unobstructed views of the brightly lit-up interior and all the action inside. A bar in stainless steel – decorated with a matching canopy and back wall of glass bricks – takes centre stage, and is flanked by seating areas.

Graphic-motif terrazzo flooring is paired with walls dipped in candy-colour hues form the backdrop of shiny metal tables and acrylic chairs and stools. But what brings the setting alive is the infusion of decorative neon lights that not only dominates the premises of Dimond Lili bar, but also the mall section where it’s situated. As said, this is a noodle bar, and in full compliance with the playful decor, the food is served with a pumping disco soundtrack. Location: IF Plaza, 437 Xin Nan Lu, Shop L1-15 (Macaowan).

© Yu Designs / Photography: Guangbo Li