© Invader – RLRI (2010)

Since its opening in the notorious Molenbeek district of Brussels only four years ago, MIMA, short for Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, has not only  gained a rightful place in the city’s arts scene, but helped to somewhat crank up the deprived neighbourhood’s dodgy reputation. Specifically highlighting  the creative output of a young and forward demographic, its exhibitions often reflect vibrant underground scenes, and pull crowds from across the city and far beyond to its doorstep. Opening on Fri – Jun 24 is a show entitled Invader Rubikcubist which presents a body of work by French urban artist Invader, and more specifically, artworks related to Rubikcubism, a term he coined in 2005 and which refers to his studio work around the iconic Rubik’s Cube, the famous coloured cube puzzle he used to create paintings and sculptures. Visitors can view more than a hundred works displayed across four floors of the venue.

Henegouwenkaai 39-41 (Molenbeek)
1080 Brussels
Telephone: +32 472 610351
Wed-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun 11am-7pm

© Invader – Rubik Scarface Machine Gun (2007) and Rubik Rock ‘n Roll Animal (2011)