© Nakamura Keith Haring Art Collection – Poster for Club DV8 Unveils The Keith Haring Room (1986)

The appeal of Keith Haring (1958-1990) obviously is a global one, and his legacy continues to inspire urban artists to this very day. Haring’s work resonated exceptionally well on both sides of the Atlantic, and he traveled extensively across the U.S. and Europe. But there’s another part of the world where the artist’s works have found an exceptionally favourable response, and that’s Japan. During his lifetime, the New York City-based artist has visited the country, and he was particularly smitten with Tokyo. On the occasion of Haring’s 60th anniversary, a special exhibition will be held at Omotesando Hills, an upscale shopping mall alongside the Japanese capital’s golden mile of luxury shopping. Simply entitled Keith Haring 60th Anniversary, it’s a collab project with Nakamura Keith Haring Art Collection in Hokuto, the planet’s only museum exclusively dedicated Keith Haring‘s work. The show opens Fri – Aug 9 and presents approx. 70 original works, posters and record covers, all featuring a myriad of themes he covered, including Anti-Apartheid, AIDS prevention, National Coming Out Day, but also commercial work he’s done for brands such as Swatch and Absolut. The artist visited Tokyo in 1988 and on that occasion he did a live art gig in front of Yoyogi Park, and a series of pictures of the event will also be put on display.

Omotesando Hills
4-12-10 Jingumae, Level B3F (Harajuku)
Tokyo 150-0001

© Nakamura Keith Haring Art Collection – Poster for Emporium Capwell (1985) and poster for National Coming Out Day (1988)