© FOMU / Photography: Rami Hara – Durag (2021)

Each year, FOMU in Antwerp selects ten promising photographers who live or work in Belgium. In addition to a variety of networking opportunities, the photography museum will accompany them on a development journey to create the portfolio magazine .tiff which eventually culminates in a group exhibition, and this edition is entitled Emerging Belgian Photography. Just like Belgian photography, .tiff is multifaceted and lends an alluring diversity to the country’s photography landscape. Using .tiff, FOMU offers emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience, and as said, it’s also an opportunity to build a bigger professional network. This year, .tiff turns ten years old. Since 2018, .tiff has been a part of Futures, a partnership between FOMU and a growing number of other organisations across Europe. The selected photographers are Alice Pallot, Arian Christiaens, Barbara De Beuckelaere, Cédric Kouamé, Emile Rubino, Gülşah Ayla Bayrak, Lars Duchateau, Ligia Popławska, Rami Hara and Seppe Vancraywinkel (on through Aug 28).

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© FOMU / Photography: Lars Duchateau – Limburg (2019-2022) and Ligia Popławska – Fading Senses (2020)