© Everyday Gallery / Photography: Silvia Cappellari

Opened only two years ago, Everyday Gallery has shaken up Antwerp‘s art scene with just a few shows until the pandemic forced the city into a full lockdown. But now restrictions have been largely lifted, the art gallery exhibition has picked up steam, and the latest showcase, entitled The Sun Also Rises, presents an international mix of experienced and emerging artists that’s inspired by an eponymous book by American modernist writer Ernest Hemingway and an attempt to capture the sensation of early summer. Through the careful juxtaposition, the works on display turns the gallery into an aesthetic space that welcomes the tactile signs of summer—the effervescent deepness in the colour palette of Julien Saudubray, Taylor Anton White, Sérgio Fernandes and Mirco Marcelli, the sun-bleached colours in Adrien Vescovi’s works, the bubbly, warm blues and greens in Antoine Langenieux-Villard‘s works, which almost feel like withered snapshots from the Med, the soft luxuriousness and surreal estrangement of Natacha Mankowski and artist duo Xolo Cuintle, the playful spontaneity in the work of Fran Van Coppenolle, Charles Benjamin, and Bertrand Fournier that are reminiscent of a child playing with sand and toys on a sunny beach. Just like the aforementioned book, the show is well aware that every moment is fleeting and that every summer day must come to an end. To live with this knowledge and yet to live life to the fullest is precisely the idea explored by Hemingway (on through Aug 21).

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© Everyday Gallery / Photography: Silvia Cappellari and Seppe Elewaut