© Tom Sachs / Photography: Tadashi Ono – Installation view

Tom Sachs’ irreverent attitude and often whimsical creative output has earned him a cult status and following. The artist’s Japan-inspired Tea Ceremony installation, part of the 30th anniversary exhibition programme of the Noguchi Museum in New York City in 2016, makes its debut in the Land of the Rising Sun at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. The exhibition centres on an immersive environment that represents Sachs’ distinctive reworking of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, including a number of elements essential to the intensely ritualistic procedure. Mind you, Sachs considers the spirit and values ​​of the Japanese tea ceremony as one of the essential human activities in the 21st century space exploration era. The installation in Tokyo presents a tea house in a garden-like setting, replete with attributes such as a koi pond, lanterns, a welded bonsai and a video wall screening of Mount Fuji. The American artist also crafted a complete tea-inspired universe, including anything from bowls and ladles, scroll paintings and vases, to a motorized tea whisk, a shot clock, and an electronic brazier. A video work entitled Tea Ceremony will be projected on a geodesic dome theatre created especially for the this exhibition (on through Jun 23).

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© Tom Sachs / Photography: Tadashi Ono – Installation views