© Johanna Tordjman – Raul

In 2022, for the first project outside of her native France, artist Johanna Tordjman (1990) embarked on a journey across the U.S. of A., immersing herself in various communities across this vast nation, and notably ones on the West Coast. These communities are often overlooked or marginalised, and certainly less visible in the media or fiction. Tordjman has met a wide range of people, ranging from the Compton Cowboys in Los Angeles, to the Navajo in Arizona, and beyond. By way of collaboration and storytelling, the young artist translates their experiences onto canvas, creating an exhibition that celebrates both diversity and community spirit. Opening on Thu – Apr 18 (6pm-9pm) at Au Roi gallery in the Canal St.-Martin area of Paris is the aptly entitled show Americana which presents a unique perspective on American culture. In attendance of the artist, a collection of sixteen vibrant portraits will be revealed which capture the stories of individuals who work tirelessly within their communities, shedding light on their passion, resilience, and cultural richness. © superfuture.com

Au Roi
75 rue de la Fontaine au Roi (Canal St.-Martin)
75011 Paris
Daily 11am-7pm

© Johanna Tordjman – Compton and Yankee (top and bottom)