hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

the superguide series

the superfuture superguide travel series was originally created in 1999 for globally minded fashion and design related professionals who needed to stay informed of the freshest establishments around the planet. starting in tokyo, it was a reaction against the typical tourist driven recommendations and formats available at that time.

originally available online only, superfuture has become synonymous with detailed city shop reviews and maps, which developed into custom itineraries and guides for both private and corporate clients. soon after this, followed a series of periodically edited downloadable PDF city guides. to date superfuture produces and maintains 10 cities worldwide. with the introduction of app technology, superfuture also created an iphone app for hong kong and tokyo. 

superfuture now presents its third iteration of the series with its first ever print edition in collaboration with hong kong based retailer and publisher kapok

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superfuture founder and producer wayne berkowitz explains: “new technologies will always keep emerging - though there is still something satisfying about holding an old-skool printed map when discovering a city”... he continues: “looking at my smartphone screen is the last thing I want to do on a holiday – sure – it’s great for taking instagram pics, but trying to multitask and view maps and read lists on a tiny screen totally stresses me out”. 

“it’s pretty obvious that these days’ people have increasingly limited attention spans; zero time to read lengthy guidebooks, and zero patience for research. i feel this is exactly the sort of city guide that is suited to our hyper technological lives - one that is highly curated and simply informs users of the definitive places they need to see. no more. no less... and a clear map to help them navigate. one that they can scribble on with a pen and will still be there when their phone battery inevitably runs out”.

the supernew mini guide format

this new simplified format is a easy-to-read hand held folded list of short, sharp reviews and detailed maps. a curated best selection of current shops, food and dining, nightlife and culture. “hong kong is the perfect city for exploring on foot as you never know what you’ll discover down a little lane, up a flight of stone stairs, or inside one of the thousands of jam-packed commercial buildings” says superguide editor kate springer. “we have tried to capture that colorful, eclectic vibe by carefully selecting a mixture of worthy openings and timeless gems — all laid out on easy-to-use maps with suggested walking paths”. the folded layout is packaged inside a protective sleeve cover. 

the future printernet

for those still hooked to their tech devices, the guide also provides an interface to connect to a downloadable version of the print guide via QR code. 


available now at KAPOK hong kong stores or online via KAPOK webshop $HK95 [$US12]

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for all other enquiries send us a message at hello@superfuture.com !!

stay tuned for more details soon at superfuture.com/print


amsterdam: won hundred store opening

© won hundred / photography: arenda de hoop

raadhuisstraat, a bustling artery right behind amsterdam's royal palace, slowly sheds its cloak of blandness, evolving into an attractive, curated shopping zone for picky millennials. the arrival of danish brand won hundred certainly adds up to the experience, and is quite compatible with the existing offerings on the block. situated in an ornate, late 19th century shopping arcade – a landmark stretch of real estate and the very core of this budding shopping zone – it occupies an elongated ground floor unit of approx. 100 sqm. [1,076 sq.ft.] with an intentionally contrasting interior design. won hundred's creative director nikolaj nielsen, a self-confessed night crawler, envisioned a club-like, industrial setting with an architectural edge.

nielsen has collaborated with copenhagen-based architect tania mikkelstrup, resulting in an understated aesthetic with a slightly raw edge. against a backdrop of steel-coated panels, concrete, and an expansive mural flashing the brand's name in artfully applied graffiti, stands a sleek trapezoid display crafted from raw steel, and is the store's design show piece. at the far end of the store a narrow bay has been clad in mirrors top to bottom, and serves as a display room. rows of fluorescent tubes add up to the club feel, or rather, that moment the lights come on and it's time for the after party. the new won hundred boutique carries the brand's full range of men's and women's items, in addition to its coveted denim range. location: raadhuisstraat 47 [centrum].

© won hundred / photography: arenda de hoop

tokyo: volez, voguez, voyagez

© louis vuitton

although japan lost its title as the planet's biggest luxury market a few years ago, it very much remains on top when it comes to the appreciation of high-end goods and the sophistication of its consumers. french fashion house louis vuitton not only has a large fanbase in the land of the rising sun, but is also a name synonymous to luxury here. obviously, it's an enviable position that the paris-based brand is very keen to retain, and thus it's no suprise that following a successful presentation last winter on home turf, the high-profile volez, voguez, voyagez retrospective has been relocated to tokyo. the exhibition is staged at a purpose-built venue in the heart of the city near the grounds of the imperial palace, and presents the company's history since its foundation in 1854. it does so by way of a series of specially designed settings, presenting a wealth of products from the louis vuitton archives in nine differently themed sections. interestingly, the showcase in tokyo sees the addition of a special japanese section to honour the brand's special ties with the country [on through jun 19]. location: 5-1-3 kojimachi [chiyoda-ku].

© louis vuitton / photography: jérémy souteyrat

brussels: a.p.c. store opening

© a.p.c.

it's been five years since a.p.c. first opened up shop in brussels. following the first store in the leafy elsene district, the french brand has set its sight on a second location downtown. situated on the lofty ground floor of a four-storey 19th century building, it features another exemplary interior design by paris-based architect laurent deroo who, as far as we know, has been responsible for the often hailed aesthetic of all a.p.c. boutiques across the planet. the new outpost in the belgian capital boasts a distinctly different look from most other stores, featuring a contemporary design concept that's seemingly inserted into the building's historic shell.

interestingly, it makes a subtle distinction between the men’s and women’s sections within the same space. fixtures of the men's department have been crafted from aluminum, while brass has been used for women's. furnishings are modular, comprising of differently sized coffered wooden structures. these are either boxy or circular-shaped, and paired with a backdrop of wooden paneling, slabs of mirror, and last but not least, lacquered wooden flooring in a terracotta hue. the new a.p.c. store carries the brand's full range of men's and women's apparel, shoes and accessories. location: antoine dansaertstraat 60 [central brussels].

© a.p.c.

los angeles: reigning men

© museum associates / lacma  – coat, reeches, lorgnette, and walking stick, france [1790s]

these days, men's fashion may not be as ornate or as subjected to trends as what women are wearing, but when looking back in time, a slightly different picture arises. currently on at the los angeles county museum of art [lacma] is an exhibition which sheds light on exactly that. entitled reigning men: fashion in menswear 1715–2015, it meticulously explores the history of men’s fashionable dress from the mid-18th century to the present day. interestingly, the showcase re-examines the frequent association of fashion with femininity, and is divided into five thematic sections – revolution/evolution, east/west, uniformity, body consciousness, and the splendid man –  to indicate that early fashion trends were informed by what men were wearing, as much as they were by women’s dress.

mind you, many an 18th century male aristocrat would be wearing a three-piece suit, striking in both make and style, and equally lavish as the dress of his female counterpart. as said, this showcase is about how the male peacock has evolved over time, but also shines a light on the changing concept of masculinity. it does so, not only by making connections between history and high fashion, but also by tracing the many cultural influences. the presentation is an elaborate one, featuring no less than 200 looks drawn mostly from lacma’s renowned permanent collection of costume and textiles [on through aug 21]. location: lacma, 5905 wilshire boulevard [west hollywood].

© museum associates / lacma  – army tank suit, england [1940-45], punk jacket [1978-83] and jeremy scott with adidas [a/w 2013]

amsterdam: chanel store relocation

© chanel / photography: bart van vlijmen

as chanel's original boutique on p.c. hooftstraat – amsterdam's golden mile of luxury shopping – is being extensively renovated, the iconic french fashion house has temporarily relocated to rather spectacular new premises further down the road. the building, aptly called crystal houses, is conceptualized by acclaimed dutch architecture practice mvrdv, and developed and constructed by an international consortium that includes delft university of technologygietermans & van dijk architects and vetreria resanese's poesia division. the project not only represents a mean architectural feat, but also marks the arrival of the purpose-built luxury flagship store – a longtime phenomenon elsewhere – in the dutch capital.

the chanel boutique occupies the lower floors of the building, measuring a spacious 620 sqm. [6,674 sq.ft.], while the top floor remains residential. the structure features a striking gradient glass façade that incorporates extensive technical research and architectural innovations, and arguably the most challenging one being to find a way to cement the bricks together without the need for traditional mortar. interestingly, advanced strength tests have proven that the many innovations have resulted in a glass façade that's in many ways stronger than concrete, and has set a clear precedent for new projects as audacious as this one.

this innovative transparency also led to a complete overhaul of the building's energy supply infrastructure, and the design team jumped to the occasion, using renewable sources. as such, the entire structure was designed around a ground source heat pump and pipes leading up to 170 metres underground, allowing for an optimal indoor climate throughout the year. the chanel boutqiue carries the brand's full range of ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories and watches. although it's scheduled to return to its revamped original premises in the course of next year, we somehow can see the brand settle here permanently. location: p.c. hooftstraat 94-96 [amsterdam zuid].

© chanel / photograohy: bart van vlijmen [top] and mvrdv / photography: daria scagliola + stijn brakkee [bottom]]

tokyo: mood swings

© diesel japan / photography: kotaro tsujimoto

follwowing his graduation from the design department of kanazawa college of art and a stint at fabrica in italy, japanese designer takuya matsuda [1978] returned to japan and eventually established his own design practice. from his current base in tokyo, matsuda continues to work with a client base both overseas and in the homeland. matsuda currently has a major showcase at the diesel shibuya concept store in the japanese capital. the showcase is entitled mood swings, and presents a lengthy installation, conceptualised by matsuda and featuring items from diesel's home collection. the japanese designer juxtaposes opposites such as gentle/rough and strong/frail, translating these in a set-up with a variety of subtle contrasts. pieces from the diesel living collection, ranging from furniture, lighting and tableware, are paired with ceramic tile flooring, plaster walls and wooden shelving to evoke a sense of transition [on through feb 11]. location: diesel shibuya, 1-23-16 shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel japan / photography: kotaro tsujimoto

san francisco: dior store opening

© dior

hot on the heels of other luxury brands that have set up shop here in recent years, dior has followed suit with a flagship in san francisco's union square neighbourhood. and although it caters to a different demographic, the new store makes up a little for the recent closure of the dior homme boutique. not surprisingly, it's a high-profile location, situated in multi-storey building that has been entirely encapsulated in layers of translucent glass to preserve the masonry in an artful manner. the lavish interior, designed by new york city-based architect and longtime collaborator peter marino, and draws inspiration from the luxury brand's iconic mothership on avenue montaigne in paris.

the ground floor is dedicated to a mix of merchandise across all categories, including handbags and accessories, and there's also a salon for fine jewellery and watches. one floor up, along a dramatic staircase embedded in a huge video wall, dior's ready-to-wear collections are presented. also to be found on this floor is a separate salon for footwear. adding up to an immersive and unique shopping experience are a variety of commissioned furnishings and artworks on the premises, ranging from india mahdavi's bishop stools, the aforementioned video wall by yoram mevorach oyoram, and rob wynne's dots mirror glass installation. location: 185 post street [union square].

© dior

new york: signals

© agnès b.

new york city-based artist ryan mcginness [1972] is a fixture in the urban art scene stateside and abroad, and has become known for his distinct graphic style and use of iconography. the agnès b. galerie boutique in soho will be hosting an in-store installation to celebrate the debut of the artist's designs for the agnès b. artist’s t-shirt collection, an ongoing thing since its inception in 1994. the installation of mcginness, elaborately entitled signals: units of meaning: drawings of elements & compounds, opens sat – apr 30 [6pm-9pm], and presents a variety of goods. there's a t-shirt, a unique design with double sleeves, a short sleeve sewn over a long sleeve, and meant to represent the way mcginness wore his t-shirts as a teen, mugs, a vinyl tote bag, patches, a skateboard, site-specific wallpaper, and a large-format painting. and that's not all, folks. on the occasion of the installation, agnès b. will publish an eponymous 480-page soft cover book, and since it's agnès b.'s 40th anniversary this year, it'll re-issue the most popular designs from the aforementioned artist's t-shirt collection. location: 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b.

sydney: jac+ jack store opening

© jac+ jack

jac+ jack is an australian luxury leisurewear label that's not only known for its cool men's and women's designs, but also for boutiques that seem a seamless extrapolation of its brand values. following the first overseas opening in london one year ago, jac+ jack has shifted its expansion focus back to home turf, and opened a new boutique in sydney's popular bondi neighbourhood. the retail space, previously occupied by a restaurant, has been entirely gutted and redesigned by lauded interior architect and longtime collaborator george livissianis. parts of the concrete shell, most notably the ceiling with meandering utility pipes and pillars, form an integral part of a beautifully balanced monochrome palette of grey hues. the retail space features custom-made furnishings and fixtures, an built-in lighting adds a slight futuristic touch to the setting. fitting rooms are situated at the back of the store, discreetly shielded from street views by elongated shelving. the new jac+ jack store carries the brand's full range of men's and women's collections. location: 82-92 gould street, shop 3 [bondi]

© jac+ jack