global: aesop

as you know, superfuture are obsessed with skin care and this week we've been playing with two products from australian brand aesop, namely the parsley seed cleanser and facial serum. first off, both products smell like heaven and parsley seed is a good conduit for delivering anti-oxidants to the skin. the cleansing oil is water-activated and creates a superlight foam. it contains macadamia seed and beta-carotene, which rid the face of excess grease [and makeup] without stripping moisture. next step was the anti-oxidant serum, which contains grape and parsley seed. it has an interesting gel-like texture and smells really good [think fresh rain x liquorice]. the bottle comes with an inbuilt eye drop applicator which gives it an old school apothecary feel. we found it useful as a general layer of pre-moisture cream hydration. it feels as if it's sealing in all the good stuff and leaves skin elasticized. also worked well as an after shave balm, especially on the neck. packaging is good: dark amber bottles with minimal label. our verdict: good botanically based treatments for a fresh and revitalized face. for more info, please visit the aesop website. © aesop