© OMI / Photography: Aviad Bar Ness

The vibrant hospitality and nightlife scene are major pull factors for many a visitor of Tel Aviv, but unsurprisingly, the city also proves to be a hotbed for hybrid new concepts. Enter Liquidium, a unique cocktail laboratory – perhaps cocktail playground is a more appropriate description – which specialises in the production of raw materials for cocktails, but also cocktail creation, consultation, education and events. Housed in a 1950s low-rise building in Montefiore, a downtown neighbourhood which has seen a rapid transformation in the past few years, Liquidium‘s multi-faceted character takes shape in a series of different spaces, including a full-fledged store.

The interior design, created by local architecture practice OMI, is clean and understated, using a carefully curated palette of materials such as stainless steel, concrete, and wood. Liquidium‘s layout has been adapted to the journey of raw materials, from their initial entry on the premises through their transformation into finished products. An almost fully visible laboratory takes centre stage, showcasing the manufacturing process. Here, a central stainless steel island serves as a focal point for staff members to conduct experiments. The adjacent workspaces have been designed to maintain a clean and serene ambiance, captured by subdued colours and textures to create a backdrop that allows the vibrant colours of all the raw materials to pop.

All of Liquidium‘s furnishings have been custom-made, including custom steel chairs and a table for the tasting room and a striking a four-metre fixture which comes with the lab’s central island. The shop is equally understated and sees one side lined with closed refrigerated shelving units and regular shelving, all laden with products, while directly opposite a large window allows ample peaks of the activities in the lab. At the back space of the factory a staff-only area can be found which includes an office, a kitchenette, a restroom, and a locker room. This area is covered by a wooden structure to create a distinct visual separation from the rest of the premises.

2 Rehov Hataasiya (Montefiore)
6713908 Tel Aviv
Telephone: +972 54 6358998

© OMI / Photography: Aviad Bar Ness and Dor Kedmi