© Pyuupiru – HEL reviving the dead (2019) – GODDESS

Japanese artist Pyuupiru (1974) not only pioneered her artistic career, but also her own life. Born as a male, the artist later transitioned to female in a process which was documented by filmmaker and close friend Daishi Matsunaga. Tapping into sexual identity and using his body as a tool, Pyuupiru has gained global recognition for her work which ranges from portraits and sculptures, to costume design, character design, art direction and writing. Her works have influenced not only contemporary art but also a variety of genres, and have been highly appreciated both in Japan and abroad. In her creative activities, conflicting concepts such as ‘life and death’, ‘man and woman’, ‘self and others’ and ‘harm and damage’ are superimposed with her own body and sublimated to present them as works of art. These works could invite us to a higher world that exists beyond the boundaries of gender and sexuality. Pyupiruu‘s next show, her first in twelve years, is entitled GODDESS, and opens Fri – Nov 22 at Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo. The exhibition presents the eponymous large portrait series which the artist started creating in 2010. For the first time, there will be an addition of seven new pieces to the series, a large sculpture, and new related works to show the entire vision of GODDESS. Exhibition works and artist-related merchandise such as postcards will also be on sale at the venue.

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© Pyuupiru – IRIS dancing in the air (2019) and MEDUSA seducing a monster (2011) – GODDESS