© FREITAG / Photography: Roland Tännler

As a tarp bag manufacturer, you could say FREITAG‘s daily operations are quite unique. Lifting a tip of the veil of what goes on at the modern headquarters in suburban Zurich, the company has launched a special retail space in District 4, just outside the city’s historic downtown area. Called FREITAG Sweat Yourself Shop, it totally lives up to its name as the premises leisurely mimic its production line, featuring worktables, all necessary tools and machinery, and last but not least, a nifty conveyor belt laden with tarp materials. Obviously, the micro factory’s aesthetic is compatible with all FREITAG stores and is similarly utilitarian inspired, but there’s a slight difference with this setting. Interestingly, shoppers actually work on the trophy of their choice, from selecting a bag front and back side, a pair of handles and, finally, a bold patterned tarp cut-off left over from the FREITAG factory. And under supervision of shop staff, using a cutter and a plexiglass template, the cut-off is used to create an external pouch, and round it off with a punching machine. Following a CI-compliant brand mark stamp on the tarp with a welding machine, the trophy will be sewn and riveted by the staff on duty. Location: FREITAG Sweat Yourself Shop, Grüngasse 21 (District 4).

© FREITAG / Photography: Roland Tännler