© Dmitry Markov – Idritsa, Pskov Region (2016)

Dmitry Markov (1982) is a documental photographer, social worker, volunteer and journalist. Interestingly, Markov takes photos using only an iPhone and shares them on his Instagram page to his more than 347,000 followers. The young Russian studied Philology in Moscow and actively wrote for youth magazines and newspapers on a voluntary and part-time basis. He left university after three years to be a full-time reporter, and later worked for the Russian weekly newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, where most of his articles were devoted to social issues and youth problems. His first book, called #DRAFT and published in 2018 by Treemedia, documents the true lives of ordinary people from the Russian countryside. And now, Markov’s compelling photographs from the aforementioned publication are coming to New York City. Opening Sat – Apr 6 at agnès b. Galerie Boutique in Soho is a show that’s entitled Dmitry Markov #Draft #Russia, and will be featuring a selection of his full colour iPhone photographs for the next two months.

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© Dmitry Markov – Nizhniy Novgorod, Olkhon Island and Raifa (top to bottom)