© D Museum / Mark Borthwick – Dispersers of Light (2018)

What’s as defining for one’s daily outlook on life as your physical health and mood? Indeed, the weather. From the thunder and lightning of Greek mythology to storms of 19th-century British novels and the lyrics of contemporary pop songs, the weather has been an essential driving force in art, culture, philosophy, fashion, design, and all areas of life since ancient times. D MUSEUM in Seoul, one of the city’s leading venues for contemporary art, presents Weather, an exhibition that elevates our experiences of our daily obsession through photographs, video, sound and installation works. The exhibition introduces the diverse approaches of artists creating weather-inspired works, ranging from photographs to installation works amplifying tactile and auditory sensations. Divided into three chapters – Recognising the Weather, Talking with the Weather, and Remembering the Weather – the aptly entitled Weather exhibition reads like an essay consisting of a prologue, six stories (Sunlight, Snow & Rain, Darkness, Blue, Mist, Sounds of Rain) and an epilogue. On display are the works of 26 artists from across the planet, each engaging with climatic phenomena such as sunlight, snow, rain, mist and thunderstorms from his or her own perspective (on through Oct 28).

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© D Museum / Claude Glass – Commonplace Studio (2013) and James Nizam – To Sunset (2016)