mumbai: st+art mumbai

© st+art / photography: akshat nauriyal

st+art india is a foundation led by creative director hanif kureshi which aims to connect india's budding community of urban artists with peers from across the planet by way of an urban arts festival. after a successful edition earlier this year in delhi, it's now mumbai's turn and the so-called st+art mumbai event is already in full swing. it brings together 20 of the best street indian and international street artists who've showed off their unique skills on iconic structures, quaint bylanes and major streets across this bustling metropolis. if you're in town, check out the calendar for a slew of related events, including murals, installations, performances, film screenings, stencil making workshops, pop up art exhibitions, walks and street talks.

a special highlight and must-see is magma vol. I + II, the city's first exhibition exclusive to street art. the first chapter, a process room where the streets will invade the indoor space, is held at st. jude bakery [1] in bandra. for the second chapter you'll have to head down south to upadrastha house [2] in kala ghoda where the show is embodies the refined culmination of the path from street to art. the list of artists participating in st+art mumbai includes yantr, akacorleone, dakudaan botlek and ranjit dahiya [on through nov 30]. location [1]: waroda road, ranwar [bandra west]. location [2]: 48 ghandi marg [kala ghoda].

© st+art / photography: akshat nauriyal

jakarta: carpediem restaurant opening

© carpediem / photography: fernando gomulya

it takes time, a knowledgeable insider's view, and last but not least, a solid dose of perseverance to discover jakarta's pleasurable side. this mega city of almost 27 million inhabitants is known to be overwhelming on more levels than one, and as said, one needs to know the often hidden pockets where the good life can be enjoyed. leafy kemang in south jakarta is one of such areas where comfy homes are interspersed with some of the best shops and restaurants in town. catering to savvy locals and expats alike, the scene here is in a constant flux and full of hidden gems. a recent addition that has wowed the crowds with its sleek setting and food is restaurant carpediem.

although high on style, it's conceptualized as an easy access eatery with a range of simple but well-made mediterranean dishes. carpediem occupies a 150 sqm. [1,615 sq.ft.] multi-level space on the second floor of the yamakawa building, the local headquarters of a japanese rattan furniture manufacturer, and is in fact linked to this company through various aspects of the interior design. local practice sidharta architect not only designed the latter's showroom, but also this restaurant's minimalist setting. rectangular and relatively narrow with a mini-atrium, the bar is situated right in the middle inside the void, and marked with a dramatic yet and functional artwork of, yes what else, rattan.

covering the bar, the material extends one floor downwards to one floor below, where it morphs into a bench. the utilitarian vibe of bare concrete walls and flooring is softened with sections of an expansive timber ceiling, paneling made of beautifully cut-out wood, and a staircase made of rattan. all of carpediem's furnishings are by yamakawa, and contribute a great deal to the restaurant's intriguing east-meets-west atmosphere. the menu lists a variety of international classics, yet mostly dishes from italy and france, matched with a lenghty list of signature cocktails and other beverages. location: jalan kemang raya 24 [kemang].

© carpediem / photography: fernando gomulya

los angeles: how lovely is me being as i am

© ohwow / jacolby satterwhite - passage [2013] - c-print from video still

jacolby satterwhite is a young artist based in new york city. not afraid to experiment, satterwhite uses a wide range of materials to create fitting artwork for his eclectic visions. opening sat - nov 15 [6pm-8pm] at ohwow gallery in los angeles is a solo exhibition of exemplary works. entitled how lovely is me being as i am, the show presents an intriguing kaleidoscope of his highly sophisticated creativity which is very often inspired by his mother’s drawings - she suffered from schizophrenia and created thousands of schematics and inventions centered on consumer culture, medicine, sex, astrology, and philosophy - adding a new context and a vocabulary all his own. for this show, satterwhite was inspired by a specific sketch, a sort of self-portrait he discovered among her collection of works. in it she drew seven vessels or architectural structures beneath the handwritten phrase how lovly is me being as i am. taking it from there, the artist expanded from this personal reflection, developing a macrocosmos, in response. on display is a narrative series of two-dimensional images, alongside sculpture and video. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© ohwow / jacolby satterwhite - satellite [feed] [2014] - unique c-print mounted on custom box

paris: l'arc paris club opening

© l'arc paris

if you open up an establishment directly opposite one of the most iconic landmarks of the french capital, you obviously call it l'arc paris. we're thinking lenny's place would have been a good option too, as this swanky club has the name kravitz written all over it. a place with quite a name in paris' happening clubbing scene of the 1980s, it was snapped up by hospitality entrepreneur benjamin patou. the frenchman turned the building inside out and renovated the interior with the help of kravitz design, the american rockstar's side job of sorts and his first big break in the field of design this side of the big pond.

the club actually shares the prestigious location with victoria 1836, an equally buzzing place which we talked about in a previous post. kravitz and his team took cues from the existing interior, and in fact retained several elements. a bar in white marble was the actual departure point, and this noble material has been excessively applied throughout the club, as flooring, ceiling decoration, numerous custom-made tables, and even extending to the outdoor terrace with retractable roof. the aim was to revive some of the excessive glam and luxe of the 1980s and spice it up with contemporary touches. major renderings include a cocktail bar near the entrance and a separate space for those who need a nicotine fix.

the most discerning of party people are able to take refuge in elevated v.i.p. sections that provide the best in-house views. needless to say, it's all dripping in ostentation, but in a very structured way. it doesn't require a trained eye to see how meticulously conceptualized the decor is. l'arc paris is designed with the professional hedonist in mind, hence it's backed by a team that's ready to please even the most jaded of party people. in charge of the club's artistic direction is cyril peret paglinghi, a longtime fixture in the global party scene, while benjamin artis is in charge of daily operations, and charming the socks off the many high-maintenance v.i.p.'s for whom the club is a preferred sanctuary. location: 12 rue de presbourg [chaillot].

© l'arc paris

new york: something beautiful

© marianne boesky gallery / roe ethridge - hillary kaleidoscope [2013] - c-print

nicolas wagner and khary simon are the chief editors of crushfanzine, an edgy art and culture publication inspired by obsession. the quirky duo have curated something beautiful, a rather intriguing exhibition at marianne boesky gallery which uses contemporary photographic portraiture to examine the ideals of youth as a product of memory and the wisdom of hindsight. yes, there's some food for thought for you. the works on display seemingly present a composition based on aesthetics, but in fact aim to reflect that universal timeline from childhood to adulthood. know for her empathetic portrayals of youth, the work of photographer sue de beer is taken as the point of departure, and gradually continues onwards to elaborate on a variety of aspects, such as memory, experience, beauty, and voyeurism, through the work of other artists. collectively the works conjure up a sense of self and introspection being faced with a trajectory that's both universal and irreversible. other participating artists include viviane sassen, keith edmier, roe ethridge, wu tsang and deana lawson [on through dec 20]. location: 118 east 64th street [upper east].

© marianne boesky gallery / sue de beer - untitled [2013] - c-print

moscow: dr. zhivago restaurant opening

© dr. zhivago

these past decades the russian capital's elite hasn't just warmed up to the good life, they've become a downright goldmine for the planet's top luxury brands. the spending frenzy of moscow's well-heeled has spawned a luxury infrastructure replete with all the prerequisite names, and is one that's rivalled by only a few other cities. but in recent months the tide has turned, and quite dramatically so, affecting especially the once flourishing hospitality scene. skirmishes in the international political arena have sparked a strict government ban on a wide range of products, including a considerable number of prized delicacies from western europe and even further afield.

but just when you'd think the party is over for the city's privileged, clever local entrepreneurs are banking on the situation by launching russian-inspired hospitality concepts, and which are swanky all the same. one of the aforementioned smarty-pants is aleksandr rappoport, a well-known lawyer who has quite successfully started to dabble in hospitality as well. rappoport has recently opened dr. zhivago - his second venture and the capital's newest place where to see and be seen in full regalia - on the ground floor of the five-star hotel national. the restaurant setting by interior architect anastasia panibratova is distinctly upmarket, making the most of the building's neo-classical features, but it's whimsically spiced up with an abundance of artwork that blatantly refers to russia's rich cultural legacy. and yes, the same can be said about the name of this place, which once was quite tricky to use in one's parlance.

but let's not digress. the interior is largely dipped in a pristine white hue with walls covered in mouldings and ornate ceiling frescos. oh, those blindfolded statuettes? the originals can be found in gorkiy park. the furnishings are have a similar classic edge, but it's the overall colour coding of white, red and beige that adds a modern debonair quality to the setting. so, what about dr. zhivago's menu? not surprisingly, it's all about russian cuisine and largely made from russian produce. and if you're not familiar with it, this definitely is your opportunity. it lists a wide range of nostalgic dishes, big and small, from dumplings and little pancakes, to smoked fish, juicy slices of venison or borsht, all prepared by a master chef. as for drinks, there's plenty of local wine but also an appealing range of homemade lemonade available for the non-boozers among you. location: hotel national, mokhovaya ulitsa 15, ground floor [krasnaya ploshchad]. 

© dr. zhivago

online: steady eddie heavy japan

© nudie jeans

founded and run by true denim aficionados, nudie jeans continues to innovate with retail and products alike. thirteen years ago, the brand's creative director maria erixon came across a fabulous piece of japanese selvedge denim made by kaihara textile mills in fukuyama, and this fabric help to shape the denim brand's creative vision. in celebration of true craftsmanship nudie jeans now releases a real heavyweight masterpiece, all in collab with the aforementioned textile company. called the steady eddie heavy japan jeans, it's made from an 18 oz. and 100% organic selvedge denim that's spun, weaved and produced in the land of the rising sun in a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces. the steady eddie heavy japan is quite a trophy, incorporating a wealth of materials, such as a kilo of organic turkish cotton, 2.6 meters of 18 oz. kaihara selvedge, 6 rivets, 4 silver-plated buttons, and last but not least, five to six days of cutting, sewing and meticulous inspection. but that's not all. each pair comes in its own unica box, which also includes a book, a poster and an organic cotton tenugui, a japanese towel serving as wrapping. fancy a pair? then click here to order yours.

© nudie jeans

new york: dior store opening

© dior

new york city's retail scene is undergoing a big shake-up, and we have yet to see the very last of it. contrary to previous decades when only store locations north of 57th street were deemed respectable by luxury brands' major league, they're now increasingly migrating downtown to open up shop. generally considered catalysts of this trend is a prestigious supermall replete with high-end brands, and which currently is in the making at the southern tip of manhattan, while a renowned high-end department store headquartered in texas has generated huge anticipation with the announcement to open a flagship outpost in hudson yards. dior pitches in with a downtown shop opening of its own. in fact, it's the second time it has done so.

it's on swanky 57th street where the french fashion house initially opened its flagship store in the big apple, combined with a dior homme store. during a lengthy renovation the men's store temporarily set up shop in soho, home to a large part of its fanbase. not surprisingly, it became a permanent fixture in the area's retail scene. and now dior has followed the trail downtown, setting up a full-fledged women's boutique on greene street. situated on the ground floor of a late 19th-century building, the new dior store features an interior design by leading architect peter marino. the retail setting may take glamorous cues from the brand's iconic mothership on avenue montaigne in paris, but retains much of the buildings original elements, albeit luxed up and adapted to marino's highly modern design scheme. 

it features an open layout devoted to dior’s range of products. unlike its other boutiques where the ready-to-wear is held in a traditional salon, here it suspends the collection in front of a metal link curtain installation. the matching signature trophy bags and shoes are each housed in their own designated areas within the space. adding up to the shopping experience are commissioned artworks by various contemporary artists, and which reflect the codes of the house. these pieces include larry bell's hanging sculptures at the entrance of the boutique, a stainless steel glass display by paul evans, and a video art wall by yoram mevorach oyoram which serves as the back drop of the shoe area. location: 105 greene street [soho].

© dior

amsterdam: denham store opening

© denham

denham's empire has once again expanded on home turf, and this time with a so-called denim bar that's exclusively towards a female clientele. the new shop sits right next to the denim brand's existing women's boutique, and around the corner from its imposing canal-side design studio and headquarters in amsterdam's scenic canal district. the new store occupies a 120 sqm. [1,292 sq.ft.] ground floor space and perfectly complements next door's establishment as it's entirely focused on women's denim and the often tricky jean-selection process. in fact, the denim bar has rendered it into a fun experience, and that's partially due to the cool and welcoming interior that denham's creative director jason denham has crafted with his longtime friend and in-house craftsman john beedell

dipped in a pristine white hue, the setting features all the hallmarks of a denham shop yet combines these with new and unexpected additions that make it unique at the same time. jason denham's admiration for japanese culture is still obvious but manifests in different ways, most notably in suspended antique yoga bars that help display beautiful vintage props from the denim archive. bespoke private dressing-rooms, inspired by beach huts in the seaside resort of brighton add a playful touch to the interior. another striking element is an intricately made indigo painting by colombian artist juan manuel gomez. the women's denim bar carries the brand's full range of five-pocket offerings in a variety of washes, supplemented by matching key pieces from the women’s collection, and footwear from converse, nike and the last conspiracylocation: runstraat 15 [centrum].

global: gram s/s 2015 collection

© gram

gram is a contemporary footwear brand based in stockholm. rooted in a sophisticated society and inspired by the traditions of clean scandinavian design, it produces appealing and versatile styles for men and women alike. gram's s/s 2015 collection is inspired by the art of doctor, philosopher, biologist, and also artist ernst haeckel. the german multi-tasker was fascinated by the symmetry and harmony of nature’s shapes, and his creative output is among other things considered to have had a large influence on the art nouveau movement. the collection features funky prints and shapes inspired by haeckel's marine art life, and all designed by gram's designer alexis holm. the materials used have been meticulously selected to portray the beauty of nature under the surface. there's premium natural linens, debossed soft suede and sea urchin-like goat suede meet soft and summery canvases and alcantara. the result is a highly versatile range of shoes that allow you to go from casual to dressy at the blink of an eye. what's more? five cool new models have been added. shown here are four exemplary modern styles of gram's new s/s 2015 collection.

© gram