online: batman limited edition collection

© moleskine

geez, we like this! moleskine launches the moleskine batman limited edition collection, featuring no less than five notebooks that have iconic superhero batman on the cover. to celebrate the release, grammy-nominated director edson oda created a 60-second short film that brings the seedy underbelly of gotham city alive on the pages of these moleskine notebooks. and while batman adorns the cover, the ivory-coloured pages inside the notebooks are for sketching your own concoctions of the batsuit, sinister cityscapes or perhaps a new megalomaniacal villain? each notebook comes with a different cover design, an illustrated gotham cityscape printed on the endpaper, and themed stickers are contained in the back pocket. and obviously, they have all the moleskine hallmarks, such as rounded corners, elastic closure and the expandable inner pocket. the moleskine batman limited edition collection can be pre-ordered now for delivery after thu - apr 15. fancy one? then click here to order yours.

tokyo: aesop store opening

© aesop / photography: takumi ota

following a retail installation two years ago, aesop returns to tokyo midtown mall to set up shop. occupying a compact 25 sqm. [269 sq.ft.] unit on the second floor of the upscale complex, the store represents a new collab with japanese practice torafu architects. the retail aesthetic is inspired by the linearity and meticulous ordering seen in traditional laboratories, and reference the scientific rigour that forms an integral part of the australian cometics brand's vision and approach to product formulation. the focal point of the design is a combined sales counter and demonstration sink, crafted from stainless steel. it's paired and with a suspended shelving system in the same material, and which pretty much covers all three walls. a striking feature are three custom-blown spherical glass bulbs that dangle from the ceiling and provide water during client consultations. the new aesop store carries the brand's full range of skin, hair and body care products. location: tokyo midtown, 9-7-4 akasaka, second floor [roppongi].

© aesop / photography: takumi ota

superchat new york: corinna springer

superchat new york: corinna springer

© corinna springer / photography: bjarne jonasson

the mechanics of the fashion industry are designed to initiate illusion, elicit ideals, perpetuate image and more to the point, market to an ocean of voracious consumers. but few machines run effectively without fuel, and it's the world of public relations that provides exactly that. in an increasingly challenging business, designers are forced to find themselves a publicity expert, an oracle of sorts to not only nurture and motivate creative growth, but find assertive ways to place their brand in front of the critical mass. enter new york-based pr maven corinna springer of nouveau pr. born in germany, springer moved to paris in the early 1990s to study fine art and french literature before working with japanese designer shinichiro arakawa.

she then landed a role at french pr firm girault - totem, managing a roster of fashion lines and learning the ropes of the media and communnications business. she then moved to new york working with cult denim deities rogan and famed austrian fashion designer helmut lang in high-paced public relations roles. it was in 2007 that the decision was made to branch out on her own and create new york-based brand agency nouveau pr. corinna currently works with a stable of international designers such as a.f.vandevorst, robert geller, rochambeau and kostas murkudis to name a few, not to mention her side careers in energy treatment and real estate. we caught up with the busy pr protagonist to discuss the business of building brands and life behind the veil of creative presentation.

can you key us in on your foray into the pr world? was it an organic career move or a strategic plan from early on? i ended up in pr malgré moi, a little bit by chance, or maybe it was more like a red thread that brought me to it, but it was not pre-planned at all. i actually wanted to become a merchandiser, but that was before leaving germany for paris, and meeting all the serendipitous people who brought me into that world.

what was the motivation behind building nouveau prbeing independent and championing talented designers that may think and work differently from most local designers but are based here in new york city.

why did you choose to base nouveau pr in new york? i didn’t see myself evolving in paris, and new york had – and still has – an incredible attraction for me. people have more motivation and they are encouraged to create businesses, whereas in paris, creating your own business is the most difficult thing in the world, just from a legal stand point, taxes etc. they make it impossible for anyone who doesn’t come from money to have a business.

what draws you to the particular brands and creatives nouveau pr represents? talent, authenticity, integrity and novelty. something i see in younger brands that may need to be broadened. but mostly, where i see an amazing potential to grow slowly and steadily, proposing something new.

there has been a major shift in editorial with digital vs. print publications over the last ten years. what role does the digital world play in terms of press these days? the digital world, including social media has become the signature of a brand and there are many ways to represent a brand and its universe, and communicate it immediately to the consumer. while print is still more prestigious, it now really serves as a base for digital and social media in my humble opinion. the tendency towards digital is an unavoidable shift that is happening in society as we become more virtually inclined / obsessed every day. we may be one of the last generations to appreciate print as we [still] do. 

what are nouveau pr's main goals with its clients and how do you go about building your brands and presenting them to the fast-paced industry here? i’m not going to lie, it has become increasingly difficult to be a pr with non-advertising brands, and i think that in an industry where buyers look at instagram numbers when evaluating to buy or not, that's when we need to shift our focus and pivot. my feeling is pr will increasingly be more about community building and gate keeping.

what's your opinion on the state of the fashion industry in the u.s. in terms of fostering creativity? the up and coming are fostered moreso in europe, not so much here. here the system looks at numbers first, and of course there may be one or two exceptions to the rule, but it seems to be extreme and borderline caricatural. otherwise it may just take ten years for creatives to get the recognition they deserve.

you seem to have a strong connection to the holistic and an ongoing interest in energy work. is this something you incorporate into your day to day operations? well, sort of. it is open to my employees if they want anything to do with it or not, but if they are interested i do offer reiki sessions and initiations, and other energetic treatments. the occasional headache or twisted ankle for anyone who works here or visits the showroom is easily mended here. so it is incorporated in some ways. we also do have a massage table for that purpose in the back as well. and i offer sessions after working hours.

tell us about the real estate component of your work. that is in its very first steps, it’s a world that fascinates me, and retail properties, for example is an interesting world of its own. right now I am helping my dear friend al mason who is looking to go further into fashion retail and is already one of the most important players in real estate, financially advising and brokering deals internationally.

in a nutshell, what would be your advice to a fledgling brand looking to launch in the current climate? before you launch, know that talent and initial funding is not enough, you have to be well-versed in the marketing and branding aspects [or have a skilled partner who can help you with the business]. you also have to be your own brand ambassador, you need to be able to talk about your brand, and be sharp. most importantly though, you have to find that point between staying ahead of the curve without being too progressive, and that is sometimes the hardest part.

tokyo: miu miu aoyama store opening

© miu miu / photography: nacása & partners, inc.

japan is widely considered the planet's most sophisticated fashion and retail market, and a flagship store in tokyo's prestigious aoyama district is without any doubt the holy grail for brands operating in the luxury segment. not surprisingly, prada has been present in the area for quite some time, and in fact it helped to raise the bar when it opened a multi-storey flagship store here. little over a decade later the milan-based luxury brand makes a bold new statement by way of a stellar new store in the area, and this time it's for sister brand miu miu. for this new venture the company teamed up once again with swiss practice herzog & de meuron. the architecture heavyweights erected a modern structure opposite the prada flagship, and in stark contrast, it's box-shaped and features an opaque, metallic surface.

the shape of the structure intentionally aims to evoke curiosity. an oversized canopy hides the façade, execpt for slits at the side which allow peeks of the contrasting and far more exuberant interior design. measuring a spacious 720 sqm. [7,750 sq.ft.] spread over two floors, the indoor aesthetic consists of rounded, soft edges of shiny pressed copper surfaces and sections clad in a soft green brocade. perspex shelving, brass displays and clothing racks make up the most part of the store's fixtures. the new miu miu store serves as the brand's prime showcase in the land of the rising sun, and as such it obviously carries the full range of women's apparel, bags, shoes and accessories. additionally, a special limited edition range of bags and accessories have been released to celebrate the store opening. location: 3-17-8 minami aoyama [aoyama].

© miu miu / photography: nacása & partners, inc.

tokyo: miu miu aoyama x superfuture concierge

tokyo: miu miu aoyama x superfuture concierge

© superfuture

superfuture has produced a custom tokyo guide and map for the recent miu miu aoyama store opening. the new store is situated opposite the iconic prada building, and both were designed by swiss architects herzog & de meuron. superfuture worked on the prada store opening event in 2003, and this time we collaborated with miu miu on a city guide and concierge services. the miu miu aoyama superguide was produced in a print format, as well as digital versions for ipad and mobile devices. superfuture provided full concierge services for the event and designed a series of city tours for celebrities, visiting vips and international press. for more information about superfuture concierge services please contact  

amsterdam: hackett store opening

© hackett / photography: melody lieftink

classic never goes out of style. taking this notion well into the new millennium is hackett, a british-born brand led by the gentlemanly-clad jeremy hackett. its tailored suits, shirting and more sporty lines, all ooze the impeccable aura of english gentry, and its a style that continues to resonate well with urban dandies around the planet. banking on this popularity, hackett launched a global retail strategy to open flagship stores in major cities, and just last week a new outpost in amsterdam opened its doors. located on p.c. hooftstraat, the city's luxury strip, the flagship store occupies 235 sqm. [2,530 sq.ft.] spread over three floors of a late 19th century building. the shop façade has been given a slight georgian tweak, and this architectural style can be found in the interior as well, albeit loosely blended with contemporary elements.

fixtures are modern but have classic finishings, keeping matters fully in sync with the hackett merchandise, but the backdrop of bare brick walls and polished concrete flooring add a distinct sense of modernity. the focal point of the store is the mezzanine floor at the far end below a glass roof. a sturdy sales counter in dark timber is situated here and innovatively doubles as a bar from where complimentary drinks are served for splurging shoppers. cranking up the interior's distinct 'brit factor' are handmade furniture pieces by designer james harrison and curated artworks by british artists brian blow and stella jackson-marlow. the new hackett store carries both formalwear and sportswear, in addition to items for juniors and kids. location: p.c. hooftstraat 117 [amsterdam zuid].

© hackett / photography: melody lieftink

global: robert geller a/w 2015 collection

global: robert geller a/w 2015 collection

while the tones of the robert geller a/w15 collection are sombre, the variation in silhouette is anything but. the designer cleverly centers the theme around innovatively proportioned trousers. the variety of pant fits, fabrics and lengths are not only a key feature, but also define multiple decades in one sharp procession. we're talking wool, cotton, jersey and satin - cut wide, long, cropped, roomy, slim and tapered. and despite the amount of options, each appropriation remains distinctive in contrast to its components. amplified pleated trousers are finished with cropped, tapered legs. high-waisted stove pipes with button down pockets also taper off with cropped legs, as well as fatigue drill trousers, sweat pants with deep pockets and draw strings cuffed in ribbed bands.

paneled mohair leggings, suit pants and wide legged sweats also add to the long list of leggings. shirting is luxe in rich ochre tones and bold prints in addition to pinstriped button downs and longer, tunic style flannels. outerwear is a sophisticated take on traditional cuts. drop shoulder wool coats with sharp and fur lined collars are blended with tailored bomber jackets in multi fabric combinations as well as blazers in mohair and fine wool. in tandem with the a/w 2015 collection, robert geller has again collaborated with shoe shamans, common projects on a slick line of footwear for the season. all in all the collection delivers a hybrid, 1940s mobster vibe with a dash of 1980s angst. think humphrey bogart meets the breakfast club... for lunch at les deux magots.

berlin: kadewe store renewal

© gonzalez haase

department store kadewe is an institution in germany's retail landscape. an abbreviation of kaufhaus des westens or department store of the west, it was launched in 1907 and occupies a monumental multi-storey building on berlin's swanky tauentzienstrasse. traditionally a bastion of unadulterated luxe, kadewe has always been known for its immaculately chic yet somewhat predictable interior settings. but that reputation has now somewhat changed with the opening of a futuristic men's sneaker hall designed by local architecture practice gonzalez haase. situated in an atrium-like space with a total surface of approx. 200 sqm. [2,153 sq.ft.], it's anchored by a massive terrace-shaped display executed in a silver metal.

the sculptural qualities of this elongated shiny display – it's sliced open in the middle to allow passage from one side of the hall to the other – are matched by matching sleek shelving, fixtures and grouped ottomans in various angular shapes. the atrium's void is filled with rows of strung fluorescent tubes, suspended in such a way that they seem to cascade from above. the new men's sneaker hall is exclusively stocked with the latest models by some of the planet's most coveted fashion brands, including acne studios, kenzo, maison margiela, a.p.c. and marc jacobs. location: tauentzienstrasse 21-24, second floor [schöneberg].

© gonzalez haase

copenhagen: #genxbeat

© generator - the cool hostel setting in copenhagen

generator is a happening design hostel brand, and it has set up a fast-growing network of properties in exciting destinations across europe. all generator hostels boast comfy private and shared rooms, but what makes a stay even more special is that a great effort has gone into the design concept of each property, making them no less than appealing social hubs that tap directly into the local culture of each city. perfectly in line with this connectivity to urban culture, generator has teamed up with beat, an opinionated and artsy music + culture magazine, to curate a series of creative talks at the brand's funky hostels in copenhagen, berlin and barcelona. these so-called #genxbeat talks are very informal, yet informative meet-ups where its multi-tasking founder hanna hanra will be chatting with leading deejays and recording artists little boots, horsemeat disco and nts radio.

these meet-ups aim to give the audience an insight into the music industry and inspire a new generation of creatives. the talks will cover everything, from the empowerment of women in music, to dj’ing across the planet, or starting your own online radio station. and that's not all, folks! the talks end with a matching party until the wee little hours, featuring exclusive dj sets by all of the aforementioned participants, in addition to budding local dj talent. mind you, all the events are free and include entrance to the talk, a welcome drink upon arrival and access to the after party. you fancy? then register here for access. the first #genxbeat talk will be held on thu - apr 9 [talk: 8pm-9pm / party: 9pm-12am] at generator copenhagen, featuring miss little boots as special guest. see you there! location: adelgade 5-7 [indre by].

© little boots - yes, she's stoked...

jakarta: männer store opening

© männer

compared to a decade ago, most young fashionable men in jakarta had to take a plane ride to neighbouring capitals in order to find offerings that catered to their taste. but today, retail in the bustling indonesian capital is a whole different ballgame, featuring an immensely increased number of both of foreign and quality brands from indonesia itself. a cool new men's boutique which popped up in the upscale suburb of kemang in south jakarta is männer. situated on one of the neighbourhood's busy throughfares, the store occupies a 120 sqm. [1,292 sq.ft.] unit and features a clean and clearly scandinavian-inspired interior.

moveable furnishings come in light wood, contrasting with the dark timber floor but corresponding with a backdrop in a similar material. and while the choice of the shop name is unknown to us – it means 'men' in german – we're pretty sure the exotic ring adds up to the store's overall appeal to the city's discerning style seekers. the männer store specifically targets men with a dress sense that's contemporary but classic at the base. the offerings of the store are accordingly preppy-flavoured and carefully sourced from around the globe. männer stocks apparel, shoes and accessories, and its current brand list includes coveted brands such as vanishing elephant, herschel, i love ugly, golden denim and tcg. location: jalan kemang raya 31 [kemang].

© männer