© RAD+ar / Photography: KIE

There’s no denying, coffee parlour chain Tanatap has a penchant for exceptional locations. Following a striking design-led outpost in Jakarta‘s leafy Kemang district, an event we covered in a previous post, the company has inaugurated another venue which blurs the lines between the indoors and outdoors. Situated in Bekasi, a large and fast-growing city bordering on the east of the sprawling Indonesian capital, the venue sees a renewed collaboration with local architecture and design practice RAD+ar. Situated in Taman Kemang Pratama, a lush green strip alongside the Bekasi river, the venue comprises a pavilion with a double multi-axial concrete plate which seemed to float above the tree-lined garden. The setting is concepted as a canopy garden and is very much inspired by the surrounding tropical almond tree canopies, contrasts with its colour tones and open layout that allows air to circulate throughout the premises.

The whole experience of the visitor of canopy garden is curated through a series of of different spatial leveling, colours, integrated architecture-furniture, and last but not least, its unique interior. As said, Tanatap‘s new outpost blurs boundaries, and it does so by extending the roof-ceiling elements into the tree canopies, creating unique vistas. The menu at Tanatap lists a series of classic coffee options, such as espresso and regular black coffee, but also various different concoctions which use espresso as a base ingredient, in addition to local faves such as Pandan latte. But that’s not all. There’s also a variety of teas, mocktails, milk drinks, and since this is a tropical nation with soaring temperatures at times, also many iced variations. Foodwise, Tanatap predominantly serves a range of Asian and European dishes, such as garlic & butter chicken , Teriyaki beef bowl and Dan Dan pasta, and a series of ice cream concoctions.

Jalan Niaga Raya (Bekasi)
Jakarta 17116
Telephone: +62 812 74194789
Daily 7am-8pm

© RAD+ar / Photography: KIE and Sonny Sandjaya