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Hailing from Tokyo, artist Keiichi Tanaami (1936) graduated from Musashino Art University in graphic design and eventually became one of the most influential figures in Japan‘s contemporary art scene. Known for transcending various art mediums, Tanaami remains true to graphic design, and his upcoming solo show at NADiff a/p/a/r/t, a cult art and photography bookstore in Tokyo‘s Ebisu district focuses on just that. The exhibition, whimsically entitled A peep into Keiichi Tanaami, opens on Thu – Sep 2, and presents a series of prints, but not just any prints, they’re in fact the artist’s first lenticular prints. Released exclusively by NADiff, the technique adds a vivid dimension to the artist’s highly psychedelic and colour-infused designs. Mind you, the lenticular prints are for sale as well. In fact, they’re limited edition and numbered. Additionally, the bookstore will display high-definition print works unveiled for the first time, silk screen prints in, posters, but also selling valuable dead stock works. But that’s not all! Die-hard fans can also snap up Tanaami’s three new rubber keychain designs which are exemplary of his design style.

NADiff a/p/a/r/t
1-18-4 Ebisu (Ebisu)
Tokyo 150-0013
Telephone: +81 3 34464977
Thu-Sun 1pm-7pm

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