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Born in São Paulo to parents of mixed Brazilian-Japanese descent, Yabiku Henrique Yuji (1997) moved to back to the homeland at the age of 11. He started studying fashion design at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, and eventually started making collages as a way of self expression. Yuji’s debut solo exhibition, entitled First Impression, was held two years ago at the WK Gallery in the Japanese capital, and in that same year, Henrique’s collaborative artwork with leading Italian fashion house Valentino was published in Them magazine. And now, the emerging young artist is to have his biggest solo exhibition to date at DIESEL Art Gallery. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Henrique looks for beauty in the discomfort and incongruity of today’s world with a unique style of expressing everything by intuition, dominating the art and fashion scene in Tokyo. The exhibition opens Sat – Feb 13 and will showcase more than 30 new pieces of art, including three-dimensional pieces, for a whole month. Mind you, the artworks will be available for purchase along with limited goods made exclusively for the event.

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