© Rostarr – Blue Red Ski Cap

Originally from South Korea, Romon Kimin Yang a.k.a. Rostarr later relocated to New York City where he graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a focus in experimental graphic design, typography and printmaking. Following his education, he soon established himself as a creative multitasker, blending the disciplines he has mastered to build a distinctive body of work. Rostarr has become known for a self-coined style called Graphysics, indicating an energy and dynamism that he lends to his work. The artist is also is also a founding member of the art collective Barnstormers, established in 1999, and comprising of 30 artists from New York City and Tokyo. Fans can indulge in his work at the Pareidolic Behaviour exhibition at agnès b. Galerie Boutique in Soho, following previous exhibitions and group shows with agnès b. in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. The showcase includes drawings from his sketchbooks (1998-2018), two neon works, and a series of paintings. The two neon works in the exhibition are figurative caricatures based on freeform line drawings, and the canvases exemplify the artist’s roots in graffiti and typographic experimentalism. Rostarr’s illustration Demoiselle de la Plage is featured as a screenprint on a women’s t-shirt, an exclusive edition made for the agnès b. artist’s T-shirt collection and readily available to be snapped up (on through Oct 7).

agnès b. Galerie Boutique
50 Howard Street (Soho)
New York, NY 10013
Telephone: +1 212 4311335
Tue-Sun 11-6

© Rostarr – Red Blue Black and Untitled