new york: givenchy flagship store opening

© givenchy

riccardo tisci has well-timed givenchy's rather grand return to new york city. in tandem with a marina abramović–art directed catwalk show for his women's s/s 2016 collection during new york fashion week – mind you, the designer created a huge buzz both in medialand and among his fanbase by allowing the latter to attend this high-profile event through registration on a special website – a brand new flagship store opens on swanky madison avenue. at 400 sqm. [4,306 sq.ft.] spread over two floors, it's one of givenchy's biggest stores on the planet. the understated palette, captured by immaculate white walls and ceilings, and furnishings and fixtures with a lacquered black finish, is paired with beautiful dark timber flooring. and while this backdrop is sure to make the merchandise pop, things take a more intimate turn in the sections where shoes and accessories are presented. the setting here is obviously still in line with the overall modern aesthetic of the store, but it's infused with elements that evoke a homey vibe and invite to linger and take in the design at a lower pace. the new givenchy store feature's the brand's full range of men's and women's apparel, accessories and jewellery designs. location: 747 madison avenue [upper east].

© givenchy

tokyo: mackintosh store renewal

© mackintosh

mackintosh has audaciously altered its creative trajectory, embracing a new aesthetic that's distinctly contemporary, while it also allows room to create a new style vocabulary. this transformation, coinciding with the drop of the a/w 2015 collection, also affects the setting of brand's two retail locations. the london is currently closed and will reopen on new premises coming season, but the prestigious outpost in tokyo has just reopened, featuring an updated interior. although the original design by renowned japanese design practice wonderwall remains intact to a certain degree, it sees a number of clever tweaks – the most notable one obviously being the large slabs of white marble that now make up the flooring –  that bring about an entirely different atmosphere and vibe. additional, more subtle yet important alterations that emphasize modern luxury are sleek clothing racks in silver chrome, and new furnishings. next to its range of iconic men's and women's coats, the renewed mackintosh store introduces a new range of lifestyle products such as bags, shoes, shirts and suits. location: 5-3-20 minami aoyama [aoyama].

© mackintosh

london: joe cruz

© the book club / joe cruz - dive

joe cruz [1988] is a london-based graphic designer with illustration as a specialism. cruz is particularly fond of using fashion photography to express youth and beauty, but with the objective to emphasize society's blatant obsession with celebrity culture and the aspiration to be recognised and remembered. the world of fashion is also a strong influence because his grandmother owned a factory in north london making garments for the likes of vivienne westwood and alexander mcqueen. opening on thu - sep 3 [6pm] at the book club in shoreditch is a solo exhibition of exemplary pieces by the artist. on display are works infused with colour, but applied in different formas and in a symbolic way. cruz mainly uses soft pastels, acrylic paints and a mixture of printing technique. topic-wise, he draws inspiration from beautiful and strong men and women. the main theme is portraiture, expressionism and form, and as said, he predominantly uses pictures from old fashion publications. location: the book club, 100-106 leonard street [shoreditch].

© the book club / joe cruz - submission and versace [top to bottom]

antwerp: issey miyake store opening

© issey miyake / photography: olivier baco

antwerp's retail landscape has fully regained japanese luster with the arrival of an issey miyake boutique, the brand's third european outpost after paris and london. situated in the historic heart of the city, the store occupies a lofty 300 sqm. [3,229 sq.ft.] ground floor unit of a listed 16th-century building, replete with a tranquil inner courtyard with soaring bamboo plants. in stark contrast with the ornate façade, the store interior intriguingly pairs sleek understatement with rough edges, provided by exposed brick walls in seemingly dereliction. large windows allow in floods of daylight and give the store an airy feel, and bespoke furniture pieces, made in white concrete and sand blasted glass, add up to the contemporary vibe. a sophisticated lighting system has been designed by zumtobel and subtly changes within the space according to the movements of the customers, creating a luminous ambiance. the new issey miyake store carries a rather complete collection of lines for both men and women, including issey miyake, issey miyake men, pleats please miyake, 132 5. issey miyake, homme plissé issey miyake, cauliflower and bao bao issey miyakelocation: eiermarkt 13-17 [centrum].

© issey miyake / photography: olivier baco

online: never met you

© moutwatering records - oskaar

oskaar is a future r&b pioneer, a modern day minstrel committed to harnessing unchartered soundscapes to articulate the boundless complexities and contradictions of the human soul. his voice is a signature baritone – smooth, grounded, yet vulnerable. also masterfully dabbling in visuals, he is on a mission to create an ethereal world that perfectly embodies his idiosyncratic sound. finally, the artist is an urban nomad – commuting between disparate locations such as berlin, new york city, los angeles, and his beloved marrakesh. after sending a hungry, viral tornado through the music and fashion blogosphere with his acapella version of röyksopp's monument, oskaar is back with a captivating song entitled never met you.

this sultry, liquid, steel drum-driven future r&b tune is a heart wrenching epitome break-up song. all the key ingredients that make for a classic in this genre were polished and distilled to essential perfection – the song is raw, emotionally exposed, savagely honest, hauntingly tender, and like a good fuck it straddles the fine line between pain and the gratification of emotional release. oskaar's song was turned into an elegant, mesmeric video through a collab effort with swiss photographer + creative director daniel bolliger and indonesian performance artist + model fahrani empel a.k.a. favelapunk. the result is a stark, arrestingly minimal meditation on the bondage of shattered affection – call it a simple vessel embodying the knotted complexity of the human love condition.