© Peres Projects / George Rouy – Grounds of a Broken Heart (2022) – acrylic and oil on canvas

Little over two years after his first show at Peres Projects in Berlin, British artist George Rouy (1994) returns to the German capital to present an alluring new body of work which signals further explorations of his artistic vision. The exhibition, somewhat ominously entitled Shit Mirror, opens Fri – Mar 25 (11am-8pm). Although still focusing on the human shape, it’s clearly captured with a different perspective, showing brushstrokes that create tightness or smoothness blur into rough energetic mark making in a push and pull between formed figures and forms within abstraction. The figures could easily be multiples of themselves—as shadows, reflections or twins. The ego being projected and refracted, and a site for self-recognition. These figures are partially bounded and contained, but often the borders of the body are exploded, entities become entangled, and the features within are abstracted and distorted. The scale of the paintings is large and mapped by the limit of Rouy’s own body. His gestures transmute his own kinetic energy onto the canvas in a restless exploration of the human form and its limits. Leaning into abstraction, these sensorial works convey what a body feels like and the many different physical and psychic states that everyone experiences in life.

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© Peres Projects / George Rouy – The Podium, Body Suit and Mother (2022) – acrylic and oil on canvas