© TEMPL STORE / Photography: Ernest Theofilus

As in most major cities in Southeast Asia, hunting for high-end trophies is confined to glitzy air-conditioned shopping centres. Well, it’s a little different in Jakarta. Sure, the sprawling Indonesian capital has its fair share of prestigious malls filled with coveted goods, but there’s a growing  demographic of young shoppers, both savvy and discerning, with a knack for niche brands and a more personalised retail setting. Behold TEMPL STORE, a newly opened emporium which ticks all of these boxes. Founders Arie Agung Putra, Sonny Dien, and Gilang Mahendra secured a dilapidated residential home, tucked away in the leafy Kebayoran Baru neighbourhood, and with help of Jakarta-based design practice FFFAAARRR, transformed it into a striking retail space that fully lives up of its name.

Inspired by the sanctity of an ancient temple, its communal functions, and on a personal level, the sense of belonging, the young entrepreneurs outlined a holistic approach which meticulously defines TEMPL STORE‘s retail identity and vision. On street level, the boutique instantly draws attention with its hybrid outer façade of seemingly stacked slabs of stone and protruding corridor of smooth concrete which conceal a large part of the residential structure. Upon entering the corridor, an organically shaped orifice and steel wall decoration not only signal a mystical sanctity, but also spotlights the branding and graphic design by Gema Semesta which contributes to TEMPL STORE‘s retail identity and shopping experience. Before entering the premises, shoppers pass a zen-like patio with a swirling staircase leading up to a small balcony.

Inside, an open space unfolds dotted with columns and displays, both intentionally crafted to bear a ‘primitive’ appearance, but elements of stainless steel and plexiglass have been subtly blended in, and let’s not rule out the backlit stretch ceiling, to lend the setting a distinct contemporary look and feel. Anchoring the sanctity theme is a secluded room, entirely dipped in a deep red hue and similar to a prayer room, and serves as a versatile space where exclusive seasonal displays, private parties and other events are held. The premises have been styled by Marshella Jastine who also created some of the objects. As said, TEMPL STORE is a shopping destination for an in-the-know clientele, and such, it presents a tightly curated range of apparel, accessories, footwear and lifestyle goods by a string of international brands, including Engineered Garments, Facetasm, retaW, Visvim, By Borre and Apotheke Fragrance.

Jalan Tulodong Bawah I no. 9 (Kebayoran Baru)
Jakarta 12190
Telephone: +62 811 8982819
Daily 12-8

© TEMPL STORE / Photography: Prabhoto Satrio and Ernest Theofilus