© Sister City / Photography: Adrian Gaut

When it comes to hospitality’s upper segment, there’s no denying Manhattan is awash with appealing options. However, it’s quite another story if it’s key to find budget accommodation, and especially a place that’s aligned with one’s style sensibilities. Enter Sister City, the new hotel concept by Atelier Ace, and as such, also an affiliation of the quirky Ace Hotel brand. The hotel occupies a renovated fourteen-storey structure on the Lower East Side, featuring no less than 200 guest rooms in six different categories. Meticulously designed, and with a democratic perspective, Sister City targets a demographic of travellers who are savvy and cost-conscious, and yet also bestowed with a sense of modern aesthetic.

Designed by the in-house design team of Atelier Ace, each room is equipped with custom-crafted fixtures and furnishings. A circle motif is carried throughout the rooms and corridors, a subtle nod to the universality of its form. There’s a circular illuminated mirror above the terrazzo vanity in the bathroom, and a perforated metal sconce over the desk. The valet was intentionally designed to be multi-functional, as well as the dual-purpose foldable desk and built-in bed that stores luggage and personal belongings. All the furniture in the room is made from cherry wood imported from Italy. Mind you, Sister City isn’t only high on style, but also high on comfort. All rooms have private bathrooms, soft beds, windows, a TV, a bluetooth speaker and custom bath products.

And that’s not all. On the culinary front, guests and non-guests are able to indulge in acclaimed chef Joe Ogrodnek‘s tasty concoctions at all-day restaurant Floret on the ground floor. Serving a range of dishes inspired by flavours from across the planet with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables, the ambiance is friendly and laid-back, featuring lush greenery accented by high-finish Italian terrazzo tiling and exposed brick. And drinks, you wonder? There’s a drink programme which draws many influences from the kitchen’s use of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. And when the sun is out, there’s an outdoor patio readily available. The buzz and banter on the ground floor is replicated eleven floors up where Sister City‘s rooftop bar Last Light pairs the beverages with scenic views of New York City. Location: Sister City, 225 Bowery (Lower East Side).

© Sister City / Photography: Adrian Gaut and Brian W. Ferry