© Alex Israel – Installation view

Dipping his toe in many pools, you could say Alex Israel (1962) easily shifts from one capacity to the other, and it’s not surprising his latest showcase at Gagosian‘s outpost in Hong Kong, reflects his hybrid talent and vision. Originally from Los Angeles, Israel’s newest body of work is very much inspired by iconography of his hometown, hinting a life inspired by the American Dream, replete with brightly coloured sunsets and glimpses of the beach. The showcase is entitled New Waves, and includes multimedia works related to Israel’s first feature-length film, a teenage comedy touching on themes of love and loss, with the beating sun and crashing waves of the LA coast giving each scene a nostalgic quality. Next to an installation of a pelican – mind you, it’s a bird also appears in the movie – a series of acrylic on fibreglass wave paintings are presented (on through Aug 11). The show also sees the launch of Infrathin, the artist’s very own unisex clothing line that he’s developed separately on the side, and for the occasion a pop-up store has opened in the gallery’s lobby (on through Aug 11).

12 Pedder Street, 7th floor (Central)
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 21510555
Tue-Sat 11-7

© Alex Israel – Two Wave paintings and installation view