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The ‘automobile club’ may sound like a downright anachronism, but Lynk & Co‘s nifty reinvention offers a set of options which are very much adapted to a hassle-free contemporary lifestyle. As the global pandemic has turned just about anything in life topsy-turvy, urban mobility, an often overlooked necessity, has become one of the most affected aspects. Having to adopt a new outlook on living in the city, many urban dwellers suddenly faced a new challenge how to smoothly get from point A to point B. The new mobility package offered by Lynk & Co has long been in the making and certainly didn’t take the pandemic into account, but it easily accommodates the wish list of any urbanite interested in a modern solution to mobility by car, and in this case, an electric car. Membership comes at EUR 500 per month, but is highly flexible as you can cancel at any given time.

With today’s lifestyle buzz word ‘sharing’ embedded in its concept, you’ll pay even less if you share your car with family, friends or even other members of the Lynk & Co community. The car in question is the Lynk & Co 01, a hybrid SUV model which runs on both electricity (with a range of up to 68 km or 42,2 miles) and petrol. Owned by Chinese automotive company Geely, which purchased Swedish car manufacturer Volvo a decade ago, the vehicle features much of the latter’s sophisticated technology. As said, Lynk & Co has revived the automobile club, and as it happens, the company’s official European kick-off in Amsterdam comes with a club house of its own. The club is situated smack in the middle of the city’s Canal District, occupying a spacious ground floor unit of an early 20th-century red brick office building, and right below the premises of Lynk & Co‘s regional office. In stark contrast with the structure’s polished façade, the interior design by local practice S-P-A-C-E Projects is intentionally rough around the edges, and sees bare concrete and large swaths of exposed bricks.

Inhospitable? On the contrary. The space is dotted with homey settings where to sit back and relax or meet fellow members, while also featuring sections to explore a rotating selection of curated and often sustainably manufactured lifestyle goods. Mind you, the club even comes with a fully stocked bar, and is designed as a flexible space, allowing a multitude of configurations. Actively connecting with both its members and the city itself, it also features two meeting rooms and a mini auditorium. These spots are available to members, but Lynk & Co already has a few things up its sleeves and the first events will be announced shortly. Lynk & Co is to launch in several European countries in the coming months, and the next club house is scheduled to open in the company’s home base of Gothenburg.

Lynk & Co
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Sun 11-5