© Élan: The Interior Design of Kate Hume by Kate Hume with Linda O’Keeffe, Rizzoli New York, 2020

As a cosmopolite by choice, Kate Hume traverses the globe in search for inspiration and ideas. Raised in the English countryside, but based in Amsterdam since the late 1990s, the interior designer has followed an intuitive trajectory fuelled by travel, exploration, and last but not least, a keen curiosity for what lies beyond the horizon. Hume is a seasoned, all-round designer who has put her flair for all things artisanal and great colour sensibility, abilities well-honed during her years as a fashion stylist, to good use in her current international practice. Over the years, the designer has lived in four different countries and travelled extensively, creating a broad cultural scope which not only has allowed her to navigate effortlessly on different levels when abroad, but also enriched her creative output as a whole. Hume now proudly says that specific elements of her works are influenced by her nomadic trajectory—the way she combines different periods of furniture and art is American, her solving problems and putting emphasis on comfort is typically British, her styling very Dutch, and last but not least, that the admiration for craftsmanship and finishes she has is quite French.

Next season, renowned publishing house Rizzoli will release Élan – The Interior Design of Kate Hume, the first publication exclusively dedicated to the interior design of Kate Hume. The 224-page hardcover book is written by Linda O’Keeffe, creative director of Metropolitan Home magazine, and features photography by lensman, fellow designer and husband Frans van der Heijden. Obviously, the book sheds light on Hume’s elaborate portfolio, featuring a range of exemplary interior projects, but also reveals her inimitable approach to design. The designer favours tactile materials such as linen, grass cloth, silk, jute, and sourced homespun fabrics, but is also known for boldly mixing different furniture genres, throwing in a vintage piece or two for a dash of quirky character. Mind you, Hume and Van der Heijden design their own pieces from sandblasted wood and brushed timbers which also do the trick. Eclectically balancing design, objects, colour, fabrics and atmosphere, Hume’s work reflects her distinctly cosmopolitan view on life. The Élan – The Interior Design of Kate Hume book will be available from Nov 3 at select bookstores around the world, but can also be ordered online.

© Élan: The Interior Design of Kate Hume by Kate Hume with Linda O’Keeffe, Rizzoli New York, 2020 / Photography: Frans van der Heijden