As sunnier climes are upon us again very soon, we’re checking out styles high and low to invest in. After all, the best summer experiences are the ones well-prepared for any occasion. For footwear, we’re always peeking at what FEIT has to offer, and this time, fraternal founders and designers Tull and Josh Price entice us with a hand-sewn mule. Oozing simplicity and craftsmanship, it’s another fine example of the brothers’ knack timeless designs. The hand-sewn mule is an open-back reinterpretation of the equally classic hand-sewn slipper, and is entirely crafted by hand using a FEIT-modified Goodyear construction. Similar to all other FEIT designs, it features all-natural materials: a one-piece vegetable-tanned leather upper, and unlined raw edges. The leather is thick and robust, but has been softened by a drum dying process. During construction, the shoe is exposed to light steam and humidity over 10 days, which helps tighten the leather to enhance both the shape and fit. The hand-sewn mule is available at FEIT boutiques in Sydney and New York City, but if you reside elsewhere, you can also order a pair online.