berlin: gestalten pavilion opening

© gestalten

with more and more tenants opening their doors, the massive appeal of berlin bikini gradually becomes evident. originally a mixed-use complex from the 1950s by architects paul schwebes and hans schoszberger, it has been redeveloped and given a new lease on life as berlin's newest retail and hospitality hub with a carefully curated mix of shops. and it firmly upgrades the tiergarten neighbourhood to a must-go shopping destination along the way. after opening a store and exhibition space in mitte area three years ago, publisher gestalten has expanded its retail operations yet again with a new concept store at the bikini berlin complex. occupying a spacious 530 sqm. [5,705 sq.ft.] unit on the building's rooftop, it's aptly called gestalten pavilion. the retail space is encased in floor-to-ceiling glass that allow in floods of daylight and create a relaxed, airy feel that tones down the spartan chic aesthetic.

the presence of swathes of concrete and ceiling utility pipes is balanced out by sophisticated parquet flooring and a wide range of angular wooden displays and shelving. gestalten pavilion aims to surprise even the most jaded of shoppers with a tightly curated and wide range of goods and brands that ooze quality and craftsmanship. the shelves are packed with home accessories, jewellery, culinaria, stationery, books, magazines, and even kids toys. adding up to the well-balanced lifestyle equation offered by gestalten pavilion is a café on the premises with both indoor and outdoor seating. the establishment is ideal for a shopping break, offering modern seasonal fare and views of the berlin zoo below. location: bikini berlin, budapesterstrasse 38-50 [tiergarten].

© gestalten

buenos aires: in your face

© mario testino - kate moss, london [2002]

he's one of the most celebrated fashion photographers, having shot an endless range of iconic images that are instantly recognizable as his own. although full-on glam is this man's main shtick, he does sexual tension and mischief equally well. we're obviously talking mario testino. hailing from lima, he relocated to london in the late 1970s to pursue an education in photography. testino's sophisticated sense of style and mischievous wit have made him a household name in the fashion galaxy, shooting glamourous campaigns - and dare we say, creating powerful brand recognition along the way - for a multitude of today's leading luxury brands.

but the peruvian-born photographer is perhaps best know across the planet for the compelling portrait series he shot of princess diana for vanity fair magazine in 1997. a comprehensive retrospective of testino is currently on at malba, one of buenos aires' leading contemporary art venues. called in your face, it has been exhibited at boston's museum of fine arts before arriving here and presents 122 photographs, all selected by the master himself. the show not only gives a good overview of his body of work to date, but also features examples of his most iconic photographs [on through jun 16]. location: malba, avenida figueroa alcorta 3415 [recoleta].

© mario testino - model eugen bauder [2006] and keith richards and mick jagger, los angeles [2003]

hong kong: mott 32 restaurant opening

© mott 32

although there's no shortage of fine dining venues in hong kong, the large contingent of savvy city dwellers and vistors from abroad keep hospitality entrepreneurs on their toes to keep them entertained with tantalizing concepts. a new establishment in central has this discerning demographic transfixed with its sumptuous food and lavish setting. called mott 32, the restaurant occupies a 7,500 sq.ft. [697 sqm.] unit at the standard chartered building on bustling des voeux road. the restaurant concept is inspired by an iconic chinese convenience store which opened in 1892 on mott street and which became the nucleus of new york's chinatown. the establishment features an interior design by joyce wang.

the lauded architect pairs the industrial elements from the big apple with classic chinese elements, resulting in a enticingly hybrid combination that reflects the greater interconnectivity of teast and west. and that's in fact what the city of hong kong is all about, is it not? mott 32 features different seating sections and five private rooms, all oozing perfected authenticity, gorgeous style and a raw edge. the kitchen is headed by chef fung and malcolm wood. while the first earned a michelin star with traditional cantonese cuisine, the latter contributes with a great passion for traditional chinese recipes, and together they serve a menu of cantonese, szechuan and beijing-style, farm-to-table dishes that have been shaped from generation to generation.

the food embraces flavours and ingredients from around the people's republic and the rest of the planet, and delivers these in a more rustic and honest way. this specific philosophy also aims to bring the excitement of cooking into the restaurant, and as a result the kitchen offers a window directly to the wok stations and guests can dine cozily around the duck oven and barbecue kitchen. mott 32's sumptuous dishes are paired with select fine wines from france and california, sake from various regions in japan, and the restaurant's mixologists have created an innovative cocktail menu that's inspired by chinese ingredients. location: standard chartered building, 4-4a des voeux road, basement section [central].

© mott 32

global: dina kamal

© dina kamal - flat plate pinky ring with enamel

dina kamal is a multi-talented creative based in beirut. kamal initially trained and practiced as an architect in washington d.c. before moving back to the lebanese capital where she continues to practice architecture along with designing a line of jewellery. these pieces, both for men and women, are marked by a timeless and simple aesthetic. kamal's first collection, dubbed the pnkyrng collection, it redefined the shape and meaning of the aristocratic signet ring through a contemporary and architecturally infused style. the collection has gradually expanded and now also includes a loupes, pendants and cufflinks, all crafted from precious metals and stones. shown here are three items from the collection that we particularly like. dina kamal's jewellery collection is available at select stores across the planet, including dover street market [new york], dover street market [london], boutique 1 [dubai], dover street market [tokyo] and super a market [tokyo].

© dina kamal - flat coin pinky ring with diamonds and torsade pinky ring [top to bottom]