products are numerous and the selection changes seasonally. small homegoods with that one of a kind feeling. from table to bath to everyday. artisan quality home goods, french soaps, handmade candles glass hand blown and utility grade. guest soaps, wooden products and the coolest of the japanese essential dish cleaning products..the feeling in here is so rare it transcends label or brand.


upwardly mobile savages of the new silicon valley and thoughtful and discerning home decorators.double park the convertible saab and pick up a cashmere pillow to whisk your terrier to stinson beach for the weekend. patrons like lots of black, charcoal and


service so good you wish you could buy that too


white walls with chocolate oak cantelevered shelves and a touch of light blue just to chase away the absolutely minimal. arranged displays, soft lighting, and lots of natural light from the glass windows in the front. cool vibes for sound and lots of good


>> you'll want to move in <<


1445 - 18th street


+1 415 401 9266




6 september 2011

in a world where all corners should be rounded I have found every little thing that my home would desire. erg homewear is a sleek cool space within the established and recently upcoming neighbourhood - potrero hill [used to be one of the cities best kept secrets]... its neatly tucked away which makes it feel like it's your own little secret. your friends will wonder where you get your hip style, well you have found it but you're gonna have to share it around..