the hand roll menu above the bar, and be sure to order from it. at just $1-$2, these rolls are delightful - filled with chunks ofsucculent fish and tangy marinades. avoid the super california roll [not bad, but not so super]. instead, order a combination plate [$5-$7] and you can get regular, decent cali rolls, along with a bunch of other greatindividual sushi pieces. the tempura deserves mention here, too.


people in the know,the cream of san diego's urban art culturefashion forcasters, sushi snobs, oldskoolers.


its tiny, and lots of people love it, so you better get there before 7:00 pm or be ready to put you name on the waiting list that canhave you chilling for about 2 HOURS!!...if you happen to be caught in the queue you can at least rub shoulders with about


but the traditional lanterns, samaurai & carp flags lounging in lush red lights adorn the restaurant casting subtle shadows on the wooden tabletops. the japanese decor is juuuust subtle enough, so that its nottrying too hard. sushi deli 2 its sister resta


828 broadway, san diego, CA 92101


+1 619 231 9597






16 april 2009

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16 april 2009

[MARCH 2006--apparently moved up the road to hillcrest, washington street] this small sushi bar smack in between uptown and downtown san diego is THE place to get sushi in downtown, not only is the sushi andsashimi delectable and the prices incredibly easy on the wallet/purse, but the atmospshere is equally just as dope! [without even realizing it]. there is a sushi deli 2 up the street owned by the same management but it's not as cool, looks very.... psuedo japanese, if you can't get into ONE, sushi deli TWO usually has room...