all kindsa jeans, shirts, accessories, men's grooming. prints are huge here and is a signature. they sell their own gear too.they sell the best wallets ever made called JFOLD. so cool. erman, marshall Artist, paper denim cloth, custo barcelona, JFOLD sportswallets, louis epstein, roy, gsus, diesel [the good stuff],RA-RE, 55DSL, dean watches, tsubi


private school boys trying to out-buy each other for free dress day at school. local celebs, models, blokes who can afford some.they wear thongs a lot in perth you know.


you'll probably get a "howsit garn mate" on entry. they knowtheir stuff and you ain't gettin' out without burning big holes in creditfacilities. they'll do you head to toe and you be stylin' it on the perthscene. you'll pay big because you've go


pretty cool for a little shop. dark brown wood floors with glass paneling on the floors. best wallpaper I've ever seen. apparentlythey found some 70's nudes on brown wallpaper in a decorator shop and hadit reprinted to fit out the shop. nicely spaced out.


>> blokey <<


claremont arcade 9 bayview terrace claremont perth 6010


+61 8 93844010




30 june 2009

last checked

30 june 2009

perth's best store by 2000 miles. best collecton ofinternational labels. store is a little bugger. the buyer has taste andknows a good thing when he sees it. very competitive shopping area andstands out for it's class and collections. while most others in the areaare running the same old shit, this store is very selective and it allworks. a must visit for the "branché" men's streetwear buyer. expensiveand good. free lollies including hard to find clinkers, cobbers [ooh...remember those]