new york: sugarhead quarters





exclusive brands from japan, the uk, and us. great graphic tees and accessories, some collectible toys and artwork from various graffiti artist and graphic designers. definitely one of a kind type merch. brands include name value[jp], rookie [nyc], rockett [ca], mischka [nyc], 10 deep [nyc], bionyc Industries [uk], sin house projects [uk], gravis black box [us - but carry only japan release items only], strange co toys, and most recently and awesomely acquired addict from the uk.


anyone looking for a great graphics or wanting to be inspired by great design. designers, artists and the local more laid back types who live or venture down to the lower east side to catch themselves a bit of coolness.


laid back and friendly - usually just the two sisters. on several occasions, i've passed by at night when it looks like there's a little party going on in there. i think a bottle or two always gets popped after the sun goes down.


beautiful colorful mural painted on the wall -definitely one of the first things to catch the eye. the merchandising is very simple - flat steel tables and few racks. only one of each item is out - if you need sizes or want to see perhaps other designs th


>> got to have it now <<>> got to have it now <<


174 rivington new york


+1 212 228 3248


shop hours

noon to 8pm, tuesday - sunday, closed on mond




21 august 2010

last checked

21 august 2010

opened by two sisters [11.2004] super cool shop in the lower east side near rivington club described by owners as "brands we believe in, designs we are feeling at the moment, really everything we love and want to share with everyone".