london: the cocktail trading co. development bar & table



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68 bethnal green road, london E1 6GQ


+44 [0]20 7427 6097





19 april 2016

the cocktail trading co. is less a bar, more a playground for bartenders and guests to revel in the joy of cocktail craftery. here the team combine top notch ingredients with their imaginations, resulting in some of the most creative (and definitely the most fun) cocktails in london. the drinks are pre-teased in the illustrated menus to help you navigate the list of playful creations. even then, when they arrive you’re not quite sure if your being presented with a bouquet, a desert, children’s toy or some sort of foreign object… and that’s all part of the theatre. thankfully, the theatrics aren’t at the expense of the taste, they only serve to augment the experience of the drink through the other senses. every drink is a conversation cocktail but to highlight a few - the decadent tom & jerry is a creamy, salted chestnut cup…with a side of cheese; the bonsai beautiful is drinkable zen adorned with butterflies on top; the eggsperimental cocktail cup is a moreish breakfast concoction with a surprise in the (real) eggshell cup; Apairoteef contains a white chocolate pair of dentures…if you can get past that; the guido forks comes with a fiery surprise, pept-abysmal serves up a bottle of drinkable medicine and for a britain you can imbibe, experience try a ‘bag o’chips’ with real chips and roast tatty seasoning. a brilliant place for a conversation starter (first date?), a place to pace and absorb the experience.