london: hotel chantelle



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23 orchard street, london W1H 6HL


+44 [0]207 017 1808





24 june 2015

the perfect american brunch is so much more than a piled-high-plate of pancakes and bottomless bellinis. it’s an attitude and an atmosphere - louche, laid back and at least three hours long. showing imitators how it’s done, the lower east side’s hotel chantelle is exported straight from new york city, right into london’s marylebone and delivers on-point. the tip is to book in plenty of time to graze over the extensive menu. under the guidance of executive chef seth levine dishes are unapologetic dream combinations - we’re talking english breakfast loaded onto pizza; eggs benedict upgraded with lobster; waffles loaded with ice cream, pineapple and cinnamon rum syrup ; a cube of french toast stuffed with decadent maple marscarpone and and served with a cute mini coke-bottle’s worth of maple syrup. they’ve even managed to sex up the pink grapefruit, scorched brûlée style with thyme and sugar. plus - food comes all theatrically presented for the ‘instagram’ set. the entrance is out the back to the left of selfridges where upon entering, you ascend a flight of stairs giving you the feeling you’re heading somewhere boarder-line forbidden/naughty. which you kinda are.