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44 old street, london EC1V 9AQ


+44 [0]20 7608 2774






28 march 2016

somewhere between the nomadic stretch anchored by the barbican and old street tube stations lies a blink-and-miss diminutive addition to london’s concept bar repertoire. a dim glow of tea lights, illuminate an ambiguous decor with a ‘vintage’ feel whilst the eclectic serving ware wouldn’t go amiss in phileas fogg’s collection - ranging from golden dragon vessels to coconut shell cups and edison-lightbulb glasses. the extensive drinks menu is the product of fierce and unrelenting experimentation in the pursuit of ultimate taste experiences. the thematic takes it’s cue from the original ‘gibson martini’ replete with a lone pickled onion. [gibson girls being the ‘it’ girls of the 1890s, encapsulated through the idealist illustrations of charles dana gibson]. every drink is crafted with time and love and the menu will only be updated once a year - these aren’t throw away formulas you’ll struggle to decide which drink to select as each contains a bizarro ingredient often a savory ‘condiment’ addition - a pickle, chutney, ketchup. just a few of the ingredients from the opening pages: aromatised sandalwood, soft tofu, electrifying flower bud, edible beer soap air, grain ash flavoured cacao butter, pumpkin and walnut jam, grilled rice powder, balsamic picked quail egg, cheddar whey, warm fejoa snow, myrrh bitters. you get the concept. the menu is divided by month, suggesting would you may imbibe throughout the year - all the more reason to make return visits. a delightful experience where every drink is a conversation starter.