clothes from 1 to 100 years old! mostly children's and women's fashions and plenty of basic unisex clothes. a few unfortunately only for men but still if one looks carefully one might find the perfect fit. great fabrics mostly natural linen, cotton, wool and silk. few colors each season and all to mix easily. the prices are a bit above average. all theclothes are designed and made by and for parthenis, which is the brand name. owner and director of the brand is orsalia parthenis the daughter of the founder


mostly people who know the label and are followers of its minimalism and relaxed elegance. people from all over the island and tourists who somehow hear about thebrand. konstantinos is also working the shops fame and popularity with his charm, hospitality


konstantinos and stavros are experts in their work, friendly but not intimidating, relaxed and helpfull. they are respectable andrespectful. the packaging offered is great, ranging from paper bags to carton boxes.


designed by an austrian architect living in greece, the interior is white, off white, straw and beige. the materials used are cocco carpet, wood, canvas and the clothes! air conditioning is very important in this climate and the shop has comfortable tempe


>> relaxed greek elegance and simplicity <<


1 odos daskalogianni - 731 00 chania


+30 282 1042838

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14 september 2011

one of the few samples of greek simplicity in fashion design at its basic. beautiful shop in a small town in crete island with a long [approx. 20 years] and strong presence for its esthetic avantgardism. nothing loud, elegant and easy atmosphere, specialized and experienced staff and nice music. konstantinos was the first to work for the chania parthenis shop when it opened in the late 80s. stavros has joined later and both of them keep the character and style of the house in sky-high standards for such a small town. who said that fashion gems are found only in big urban centres? m/aff_vacances.asp?num=3