fresh vegetarian fare, mezze, some meat dishes. the restaurant's upper level transform into a lively bar at night, boasting a variety of music styles catering to a young, upscale, international crowd. liquor license.


cairo's 18-30, foreign-educated brood assembles in this cozy yet slick haunt to share drinks with 2 or 20 close friends, and dance with the feeling of being in a Ÿber-cool cairene house party.


these guys are aware of who they cater to, but dish out no detectable pretentiouness. the food can take quite a while to reach your table, as you guzzle a refreshing stella local.


recently renovated, l'aubergine's grey walls and conformingly modern interior impress a new-york city credibility on the first-time visitor. the seasoned soul recognizes the slighlty latent yet indulgent spirit of the modern cairene. straight lines and mi


>> this is cairo?? <<


5 sharia sayed al-bakry


+20 2 738 0080




19 november 2009

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19 november 2009

so you've been in cairo for a few days and frankly, you're a little overwhelmed by the city's insalubrity, immensely coherent culture, and overflowing historical context?well, if i were you, i'd head to l'aubergine for an experience that will nurture both your physical and mental health, and titillate your senses. this restaurant and bar caters to an emerging group of expats and worldy cairenes who appreciate a subdued, cool atmosphere. great vegetarian nosh in a city where the duality between animal companionship and sacrifice is permanently visble. scrumptious mezze will relieve your prudent stomach.