• kathleen's 5

    shanghai: kathleen's 5

    large sprawling glass box restaurant and terrace on top of the shanghai art museum. ok. so unfortunately it's a microwave oven in august in the front section - even WITH the aircon on full blast. get past the staff apologies and if you really want to eat there, then the back restaurant section is less climatically challenging. this place should be great but it just doesn't seem to gel - in the daytime anyway. i guess it must look better at night?

    16 september 2011 by superfuture
  • simply life

    shanghai: simply life

    in shanghai there is simply everything... everywhere. simply life, simply flowers, simply catering, simply thai... an entire chain of small lifestyle stores and restaurants...

    16 september 2011 by superfuture
  • natan

    maastricht: natan

    fashion store with enormous snob appeal as it provides the belgian and dutch royal households with fancy frocks and matching accessories [just the female members, we've been explicitly told]. think [B]jacky o[/B], chic understatement and lots of pastel colours. " files

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • <tag>

    the hague: <tag>

    its pr pitch says it all: 'a new organization that unites contemporary movements in the arts, media, science and society into projects and presents these in various formats. the main goal is to create a brand that stands for quality, supports the exchange of information and can find it's way to the market'. although has a place of its own it frequently stages projects and events across town at other locations with many collaborators.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • schlemmer

    the hague: schlemmer

    16 september 2011 by superfuture
  • zondag

    maastricht: zondag

    easy-going and non-pretentious bar which appeals to maastricht's funky crowd who also gather here for its deejay gigs in the weekend with cool and loud tunes.

    16 september 2011 by superfuture
  • isola

    maastricht: isola

    a 'girls only' mini department store. clean modern designs by filippa k, pringle, hugo boss, guru and french connection. m/aff_vaca

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • traders pop gallery

    maastricht: traders pop gallery

    like the stuff you find at a garage sale, traderspop features an eclectic heap of articles both old and new, trash and trophies. shoes by camper, vintage t-shirts, cheap chinese made toys, CDs etc.96&T

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • walter steiger

    maastricht: walter steiger

    chi chi brand with colourful shoe and bag designs for discerning girls.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • wolters

    maastricht: wolters

    this is a regular pet shop which caught my eye because of the striking and outrageous dog collars in the window: black leather with turquoise stones and set in messing which would easily match an equally outrageous galliano or alexander mcqueen outfit.

    16 september 2011 by andreas