• qwstion

    copenhagen: qwstion

    understated bags for understated men.

    16 january 2018 by andreas
  • oppo

    shanghai: oppo

    a flagship store of china's most popular cell phones doubles as a meeting place for millennials [01.2018].

    03 january 2018 by andreas
  • muji

    vancouver: muji

    the first canadian flagship is a rather grand affair [12.2017].

    27 december 2017 by andreas
  • tsutaya book apartment

    tokyo: tsutaya book apartment

    the best bookstore chain in japan anticipates changing consumer habits by opening a shop, café and co-working space rolled into one [12.2017].

    13 december 2017 by andreas
  • sonos

    london: sonos

    home sound systems presented in an engaging setting [11.2017].

    10 november 2017 by andreas
  • kakao friends

    busan: kakao friends

    initially launched as smartphone emoticons, they crossed over to the realm of 3d, and has now gained a four-storey flagship [10.2017].

    30 october 2017 by andreas
  • apple

    chicago: apple

    from high up this apple store looks like a downright prank...but it obviously isn't [10.2017].

    22 october 2017 by andreas
  • mad brussels

    brussels: mad brussels

    this platform for budding urban creatives has gained a fancy new venue [05.2017].

    20 may 2017 by andreas
  • holystic

    singapore: holystic

    taking care of your beloved trophies just got a lot easier [05.2017].

    16 may 2017 by andreas
  • freitag

    milan: freitag

    the zurich-based brand ventures south of the alps to set up shop in milan's coolest shopping zone [03.2017].

    28 march 2017 by andreas