• mad brussels

    brussels: mad brussels

    this platform for budding urban creatives has gained a fancy new venue [05.2017].

    20 may 2017 by andreas
  • holystic

    singapore: holystic

    taking care of your beloved trophies just got a lot easier [05.2017].

    16 may 2017 by andreas
  • freitag

    milan: freitag

    the zurich-based brand ventures south of the alps to set up shop in milan's coolest shopping zone [03.2017].

    28 march 2017 by andreas
  • muji

    boston: muji

    further expanding its east coast presence, muji opens a flagship store on newbury street [02.2017].

    17 february 2017 by andreas
  • les magasins généraux

    paris: les magasins généraux

    the expansive new headquarters of ad agency betc adds to the revival of this suburban corner of the city, featuring a number of ground floor facilities that are accessible to locals and visitors alike [09.2016].

    17 september 2016 by andreas
  • mykita

    copenhagen: mykita

    an eyewear store that seamlessly matches nordic style sensibilities [09.2016].

    06 september 2016 by andreas
  • neuehouse

    los angeles: neuehouse

    a co-working space which blurs the lines between work and play.

    03 february 2016 by andreas
  • second home

    london: second home

    futuristic co-working space with a stellar line up of free events, film screenings and ideas workshops. the excellent jago restaurant rests below the offices.

    24 may 2015 by becky
  • core collective

    london: core collective

    pay-as-you-go fitness. three innovative classes at your convenience.

    24 may 2015 by becky
  • sl28

    london: sl28

    members-only coffee shop for london’s many freelancers. a bargain at £10 a month.

    24 may 2015 by becky