• nobu downtown

    new york: nobu downtown

    this fancy diner makes downtown look uptown [06.2017].

    29 june 2017 by andreas
  • palmyra café

    oslo: palmyra café

    dig into the best kottu roti west of jaffna [06.2017].

    13 june 2017 by andreas
  • les trois cochons

    copenhagen: les trois cochons

    a beloved fixture in the local dining scene now dons a brand new façade and interior [06.2017].

    13 june 2017 by andreas
  • ling ling

    oslo: ling ling

    not-your-average chinese diner.

    12 june 2017 by andreas
  • brutus

    oslo: brutus

    a funky diner that has been the talk of the town since it opened, tickling all your senses.

    12 june 2017 by andreas
  • galgen

    oslo: galgen

    without doubt the homiest gastropub in town.

    10 june 2017 by andreas
  • red door

    athens: red door

    japanese fare in a speakeasy-inspired fancy?

    08 june 2017 by andreas
  • karl & erick

    paris: karl & erick

    this gourmet mecca's new interior lends an edge to its hailed concoctions [06.2017].

    05 june 2017 by andreas
  • eataly

    moscow: eataly

    with a slight delay of three years, the second biggest eataly outpost on the planet has opened its doors [06.2017].

    03 june 2017 by andreas
  • fratelli paradiso

    tokyo: fratelli paradiso

    sydney's favourite local italian joint comes to tokyo in the slightly swanky omotesando hills.

    28 may 2017 by kirsty