• the reracs fitting house

    tokyo: the reracs fitting house

    since its foundation seven years ago, the reracs' popularity among tokyo's fashion picky folk gains momentum with a flagship of its own [06.2017].

    26 june 2017 by andreas
  • acne studios

    milan: acne studios

    in a city as immersed in fashion and design as milan, acne studios cleverly makes a bold retail statement [06.2017].

    21 june 2017 by andreas
  • almost not done

    amsterdam: almost not done

    this little space skilfully blends vintage fashion trophies, artworks, objets d'art, shows and events into its quirky format [06.2017].

    18 june 2017 by andreas
  • acne archive

    oslo: acne archive

    acne studios items at cut prices, up to even, who doesn't want that?

    13 june 2017 by andreas
  • the abeyance

    portland: the abeyance

    filling a gap in the local market, this consignment boutique stocks avant-garde men's items [06.2017].

    13 june 2017 by andreas
  • f5

    oslo: f5

    no, it's not only denmark and sweden that churn out cool fashion brands. this boutique proves norwegian designers to be equally on trend [06.2017].

    12 june 2017 by andreas
  • isabel marant

    oslo: isabel marant

    the women's brand that embodies parisian flair has come to town.

    12 june 2017 by andreas
  • vincci

    oslo: vincci

    luxury retail is booming in the norwegian capital, and the resurrection and relocation of multibrand boutique vincci from bergen to oslo bears witness to the phenomenon [06.2017].

    10 june 2017 by andreas
  • kemt

    oslo: kemt

    arguably the best assorted women's multibrand boutique in this part of town.

    10 june 2017 by andreas
  • steen & strøm

    oslo: steen & strøm

    a department store packed with high-end name it, they've got it [06.2017]

    10 june 2017 by andreas