• balenciaga

    new york: balenciaga

    balenciaga's new outpost on the upper east side flaunts its creative director's ballsy understatement.

    17 november 2017 by andreas
  • the webster

    new york: the webster

    a sunny slice of south beach in soho [11.2017].

    07 november 2017 by andreas
  • unrecorded.

    amsterdam: unrecorded.

    brick and mortar presence of a newly launched menswear brand with sustainable values.

    07 november 2017 by andreas
  • km20

    moscow: km20

    on the expansive new premises, km20 utilises its full potential as leading concept store [10.2017].

    29 october 2017 by andreas
  • prada

    brussels: prada

    following a lengthy delay, prada has finally arrived, opening the biggest flagship in the region.

    28 october 2017 by andreas
  • la rinascente

    rome: la rinascente

    following eleven years of development, the eternal city gains a stellar new department store [10.2017].

    27 october 2017 by andreas
  • nudie jeans repair shop

    amsterdam: nudie jeans repair shop

    cult organic jeans and assorted apparel [10.2017].

    26 october 2017 by andreas
  • descente blanc

    yokohama: descente blanc

    marvel at coveted outerwear suspended high up in the air [10.2017].

    22 october 2017 by andreas
  • louis vuitton maison vendôme

    paris: louis vuitton maison vendôme

    it's the flagship of all louis vuitton flagships. so, if you're a fan, expect to be marvelled by the sheer opulence.

    06 october 2017 by andreas
  • frame

    new york: frame

    your fix of cult denim with european roots.

    05 october 2017 by andreas