• valextra

    chengdu: valextra

    the new valextra flagship is quite a sight to behold [04.2018].

    01 april 2018 by andreas
  • rag & bone

    tokyo: rag & bone

    fully revamped, the flagship now also boasts a destination coffee parlour [04.2018].

    31 march 2018 by andreas
  • freitag

    osaka: freitag

    a new swiss depository of tarp bags opens its doors [03.2018].

    30 march 2018 by andreas
  • the spirit

    milan: the spirit

    it's the cocktail bar of cocktail bars in all of lombardy.

    28 march 2018 by andreas
  • acne studios

    los angeles: acne studios

    the second outpost in the city feels like walking into a david hockney masterpiece [03.2018].

    24 march 2018 by andreas
  • projekt produkt

    seoul: projekt produkt

    south korea's other highly successful eyewear brand is going places, and it has just officially opened a flagship of its own [03.2018].

    22 march 2018 by andreas
  • omnia

    bali: omnia

    let your hair down in style, 100 metres up from a cliff [03.2018].

    20 march 2018 by andreas
  • duddell's

    london: duddell's

    the fanciest diner in southwark sits on the premises of a historic church.

    18 march 2018 by andreas
  • issey miyake

    kyoto: issey miyake

    a historic machiya becomes a fancy flagship store [03.2018].

    17 march 2018 by andreas
  • ishizuka

    melbourne: ishizuka

    exquisite kaiseki delicacies served underground.

    15 march 2018 by andreas