• loewe

    tokyo: loewe

    loewe may have a plush ginza flagship since 2012, but the opportunity to set up shop at ginza six proved too good to resist [05.2017].

    25 may 2017 by andreas
  • mad brussels

    brussels: mad brussels

    this platform for budding urban creatives has gained a fancy new venue [05.2017].

    20 may 2017 by andreas
  • ginza six

    tokyo: ginza six

    next to being a luxury hub, ginza six is a sight to behold [05.2017].

    19 may 2017 by andreas
  • holystic

    singapore: holystic

    taking care of your beloved trophies just got a lot easier [05.2017].

    16 may 2017 by andreas
  • w goa

    goa: w goa

    after the beach rave, there's now a style-infused luxury pad that awaits you. welcome to india's first w hotel!

    14 may 2017 by andreas
  • marni

    tokyo: marni

    marni joins luxury hub ginza six with a boutique of its own [05.2017].

    14 may 2017 by andreas
  • el palacio de hierro

    mexico city: el palacio de hierro

    entirely revamped and expanded only a few months back, it's now latin america's biggest luxury department store [05.2017].

    13 may 2017 by andreas
  • goode & wright

    london: goode & wright

    finding a brilliant eatery on portobello road amongst the tourist traps or the overpriced dining rooms can be tricky. goode & wright is a hidden gem [no longer!] offering a tightly edited, flavourful menu of generously sized small plates. the ‘cuisine’ defies categorisation, a bricolage of international influences, beautifully plated ‘fine-dining’ style. here, there’s a surprise on every plate. start off nibbling the melt-in-your-mouth seaweed crisps with gherkin dip, chicken liver parfait with madeira jelly and the yoghurt bread with smoked butter. the vegetarian options make heroes of humble veggies - aubergine is loving coated in chimichurri with a savoury romesco sauce, creamy polenta is generously piled with wild mushrooms with hidden drops of garlic puree, a tangy beetroot gazpacho conceals nuggets of pistachio brittle and salty feta. on the meatier end of the spectrum, roasted quail sits alongside red cabbage, kale and cassava crisps, flakey flamed salmon is spiked with wasabi potato salad and samphire, mackerel is enlivened with persian lemon dressing - it’s a world tour in one sitting. for pudding - we dare you to try the dark chocolate guinness cake with marmite chantilly cream and grey ice cream- it’s scrumptious. for your tipple of choice - we double dare you to try the old school lambrusco - it goes a little too well. and that’s just the small plates menu, they also serve up a fine brunch and a bottomless sunday roast - a must visit in portobello.

    08 may 2017 by becky
  • wedge issue pizza + beer

    london: wedge issue pizza + beer

    london has no shortage of ‘concept’ pizzerias but sometimes you just want your pie done good and done right. cue ‘wedge issue pizza + beer’ - the passion project of canadian-born, london-made couple martha and darren who have brought a slice of laid back pacific west-coast dining to east london. there is something for everyone on the menu as the proprietors have obligingly created an impressive list of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options that don’t feel like an afterthought. in acknowledgement of their londonite sentiment, all but one pizza is named after a place in the city. you’ve got the charlton with feta, pesto, spinach; smithfield meat market with pepperoni, chorizo and ham, the soho with spicy ‘nudja sausage and sweet peppers. the ‘liberty of norton folgate’ is a veggie delight of butternut squash, feta, rocket, mushrooms and thyme. the ‘shoreditch’ stars gorgonzola, mozzarella, ricotta with shavings of vegetarian parmesan. the ‘maribel’ features spicy vegan chorizo and vegan pizza cheese. what’s more, the pizza dough is raised slowly over three days before being cooked quick as a flash on a wicked high heat, meaning you can scoff a 12 inch down with no bloat. the beer menu is exceptional - a fantasy list of hand picked craft-brews hailing from all four corners of greater london - urban apple cider, sweet hiver honey beer, zingy rhubarb pale ale, spiced chilli porter, darjeeling mango fruit beer, fiery ginger beer and ruby rye. from the moment you enter the doors you can’t help but feel you’re being welcomed into martha and darren’s extended front room - a delightful hidden gem.

    08 may 2017 by becky
  • 3.1 phillip lim

    los angeles: 3.1 phillip lim

    there's no end to the rise of downtown l.a. as an edgy shopping destination, and designer phillip lim's new outpost bears witness of this trend [05.2017].

    07 may 2017 by andreas